Reflection Essay on Beowulf


When reading “Beowulf, “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” and “Le Morte”, we discover the different qualities that different cultures think are heroic. Anglo-Saxon and middle ages have many stories involving heroic traits. Even though the stories are based on being heroic, their stories are not the same. Anglo-Saxon revolves around epic poems and the middle ages is based upon a chivalric romance.

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Anglo-Saxon culture and the middle ages value many different traits. Beowulf, Anglo-Saxon culture, includes being brave, being strong and responsible , honor , and courage as it’s heroic qualities. Middle Ages heroic qualities includes , courage, pride, honor, justice, magnificence and chivalry.

During the Anglo-Saxon culture, Loyalty is the most important quality. First , Beowulf portrays loyalty by aiding Hrothgar because he feels a sense of loyalty to the king because of his father. Hrothgar and Beowulf’s father had a bond of allegiance for many years, so Beowulf keeps the legacy going by doing what his father would do. “Beowulf, you’ve come to us in friendship, and because Of the reception your father found at your court.” (Beowulf 190-192).

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Second , He shows loyalty to his men by wanting to protect them and to fight Grendel alone. “Your deeds are famous, so stay resolute, my lord, defend your life now with the whole of your strength, I shall stand by you” (Hrothgar). Hrothgrar has has been with Beowulf through almost everything but Beowulf doesn’t take was he has to say.

Bravery and courage is another most important trait that the Anglo-Saxon portrayed. “ So. The Spear-Danes in days gone by and the kings who ruled them had courage and greatness. We have heard of those princes’ heroic campaigns.” (Beowulf 1-3). This shows courage and greatness in The Spear-Danes.

They celebrate because of their bravery and heroism before all. Not only did Beowulf’s men show bravery but he did him-self. Beowulf boasting is what makes him the leader that he is. Boasting is known for being courageous and truthful, along with being brave. Which is what Beowulf is as illustrated in the story.. “No man swims in the sea as I can, No strength is a match for mine. (Beowulf lines 265-267).

Throughout the story Beowulf demonstrates honor. After throwing away his armor and sword before leaving his fight against Grendel. Beowulf tells Grendel, he “has no idea the arts of war/or shield or sword play” (Beowulf 681). Beowulf feels like because Grendel has idea how to fight, he believes real warriors fight without armor.

So for their fight, they fought without weapons. He also shows honor when Unfert tries to taunt him. They compete on he could swim the farthest and Beowulf shows his honor by beating him. Honor is an important trait to Beowulf because he works hard for everything that he does and doesn’t want to be put down because of some guy.

Not only is Beowulf able to show these values but his men are too. Their morals help Beowulf defeat every enemy he’s been against.
During the middle ages the stories “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” and “Le Morte” introduce us to the qualities of honesty,valor,generosity, and Chivalric romance. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight was written in medieval english and is based off a Chivalry poem.Chivalry implies as being kind,polite and unselfish. Many people during the middle ages seemed to be so Chivalric which is what made them so heroic. Sir Gawain in the story valued many of these characteristics.

At the beginning of the story Sir Gwain displays bravery by challenging the Green Knight as if he was King Arthur. Towards the end he fails because he starts fearing things such as fear of losing and fear of disgrace. He believed that’s what made him accept the challenge and that it would protect him. I believe this shows that not everyone is perfect but it’s in the matter of trying.

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