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Should Late-Term Abortion Be Banned?

One of the most ethical controversial issues been debated now in United States is whether late- term abortion should be banned or non. Most people argued that it is proper to censor late-term abortion. They believe that it is un-ethical and a slaying of an unborn kid non a right of freedom of pick. It is an immoral act and violates the societal and spiritual norms. On the other manus some people argued that late-term abortion should non be banned because it is necessary to end a foetus when the life of the adult female is in danger as a consequence of complicated gestation ; or when gestation consequence from incest or colza and the adult female may be tardily in happening out that she is pregnant. Late-term abortion is besides favored when the foetus is genetically defect to avoid conveying a kid in the universe to confront major medical abnormalcies which will be really debatable to the female parent.


This paper will concentrate the treatment on the back uping side that late-term abortion should be banned. As mentioned earlier, late term abortion should be banned because it is ethically an immoral act, an act of slaying and societal norm aberrant behaviour. It involves insecure process that could ensue in the adult female fring her life or become deformed. It can set a adult female in a hazard of many mental wellness jobs such as depression and feelings of guilt after the abortion. Most abortions are performed after 28th hebdomad, which is sensible age for viability. Harmonizing to some physicians, after 28 hebdomads a kid is capable of take a breathing with or without ventilator. And any abortion from so on is late and illegal? ? Hadley, J. 1996. ? ?

Late term abortion is a ghastly slaying and violates the moral moralss jurisprudence. The process involves the inhumane act of pull outing a fetus pess from the uterus and through the birth canal until all but it? s caput is exposed. Then, the tip of surgical scissor is thrust into the base of the foetus skull, a Suction Catheter is inserted through the gap and the encephalon is removed. What a cruel and difficult? hearted act. No admiration why Pope John Paul II described abortion as merely the slaying of defenseless unborn kid and non a civil autonomy inquiry as many contended ( Doeglinger ; , Richard 1994 ) . He besides stated that it is non possible to talk of the right to take when a moral immorality is involved. What happened to the commandment? Thou shall non kill? Exodus ( 20:117 )

Most people who favor late term abortion argue that a foetus is non a human being as a consequence a adult female has the right to make what she pleases with her foetus and should non be considered as a liquidator. The Pro-life advocators who are against late-term abortion argued that life begins at construct. At six hebdomads the fetus bosom begins to crush and all the major variety meats have developed. In that instance, any action intentionally taking to abort the foetus is ethically incorrect and is considered as slaying. An unwanted kid is a pathetic thing, the idea of ending something that if allowed to run its natural class, would ensue in the birth of a human being that will convey joy to most households. The Pro-abortionist focused merely on a adult females? s right to take and all the societal jobs built-in in an unwanted kid, burying that the unborn kid is a cherished thing that has the right to life and deserves the full protection under the moral and moralss jurisprudence. The bottom line is our single rights to freedom, and the chase of felicity should non supplant the authorization of God nor should it supplement the moral absolutes from which they are derived.

The Supreme Court determination in January 1973, of Roe vs. Wade decided that there should non be any statute law against abortion in the first trimester and 2nd trimester. And a adult female has the right to take whatever she wants to make with her organic structure. Harmonizing to this degree Celsius

ourt determination, the unborn kid has ne’er been recognized as a individual in the whole sense besides life doesn? t Begin until birth, and foetus is a little more than the organic structure tissue ( Rodman, Hyman 1987 ) .

Pro-life advocators argued that life begins at construct, if legislative assembly permits abortion because the foetus is small and unborn, it is giving the adult females the licence to strip the foetus the equal protection of province? s slaying jurisprudence at that place by go againsting the 14th constitutional amendment which bans such denials. Furthermore, if a kid can non be safe in the female parent? s uterus, where else can it be safe?

In most civilization, abortion is considered as aberrant behaviour and misdemeanor of societal norms. It is normally accompanied by penalty. In the Nigerian civilization for illustration, if a adult female has an abortion, she faces humiliation and isolation from the adult females? s group she belongs to. She pays a heavy mulct that will be imposed on her by the group. If a adult female is married and has an abortion without the consent of the hubby that matrimony will stop in divorce and the hubby gets the detention of any kid or kids in the matrimony. This is besides applicable to any adolescent who has an abortion. She will be shamed to come out in public and it will be really hard once more for her to get married. Besides, if the adult female or adolescent is a Catholic, the individual will be ban from having Holy Communion until she sees the clergy and receives repentance because she violates the spiritual moral norms.

Abortion has a great consequence on the relationship between a adult male and a adult female. The universe views maternity as a natural function for a adult female. Late-term abortion is take downing to adult female? s particular function as a carrier and a raiser of kids. It besides diminishes a adult male? s responsibility to be sexually responsible ( Hadley, Janet 1996 ) . When Pro-abortionist talk about the right of a adult female to take, they should besides see the right of the partner or male child friend who did non give his consent for abortion. He besides has right because he has a great familial nexus to the foetus. As was noted, we should non brush aside the hurt caused by abortion to work forces whom their relationship to their spouse is changed because of late-term abortion. Most of these work forces would wish to be committed to their spouse? s gestation, supply support and aid to care for the babe ( Hardley, Janet 1996 ) .

In decision, I feel late-term abortion should be banned because it is ethically incorrect. It violates the societal norms and besides an inhuman and immoral act of killing an unborn guiltless kid. The Pro-abortionist focused on the adult female? s right to take. I think psychologically, the moral guilt, anxiousness, depression and other emotional feeling that accompanies late-term abortion is more than? ? the right to take? as was contended.

Late- term abortion is insecure and really damaging to adult female? s wellness, it expose a adult female to many physical and mental jobs such as hazard for chest malignant neoplastic disease, ectopic- gestation and station? abortion emphasis syndrome depression ( Hadley, Janet 1990 ) .

Finally, I suggest that adult females should be encouraged to avoid abortion after 23 hebdomads of the gestation unless they are in danger of fring their life. Doctors should seek and do an effort to salvage the life of a adult female and the babe before proposing abortion. Again, the authorities should seek to develop a good supportive plan that will assist the adult females who are holding job with their gestation the best manner to cover with it through reding instead than taking abortion. I will besides back up the thought of lobbing run to get the better of legalized late-term abortion and for the church to run a host of anti-abortion plans, including those that facilitate acceptances and supply support for pregnant adult females and kids. In add-on, work closely with other Pro-life groups such as operation deliverance to deliver pregnant, hapless, uneducated, immature and minority adult females who are vulnerable to abortion.

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