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Abortion: Right Or Wrong Essay, Research Paper

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Abortion: Right or Wrong?

Last hebdomad my friend Debbie and I stumbled onto the subject of abortion. Deb happens to be all for it, whereas I am against it. She feels a adult female has the right to make up one’s mind whether or non she wants to hold a kid and if she is ready at that minute to hold a kid or non. If the adult female does non experience she is ready, Deb says it is incorrect to convey an unwanted kid into the universe. She claims if abortions were made more available so there would be more occupations, less derelict kids, and bead in child maltreatment. If there were more occupations available, by more abortions, this would be really desirable. Although it is possible, this is non really probably ; it would make a twosome more occupations but non excessively many excess. Abortions may drop the derelict kid ratio, and that is really desirable and likely to happen. This, unlike more occupations, is really possible. Child abuse dropping besides is desirable but improbable and virtually impossible. If people were raised with their parents beati

ng them, they will most likely beat their children because that’s all they know. Then Deb brought up some “what ifs” such as, if a girl was raped, not financially stable or if she found out her child would be terminally ill. She asked, “Then would it be ok?” I think what she had to say was all wrong though, if you are mature enough to have sex, you should be mature enough to handle the consequences. A woman can take certain precautions to prevent the mistake of having a child if she does not want one. For example, she can take birth control or use condoms. If she does end up pregnant by mistake and cannot have a baby at that time in her life, she has other options like adoption. There are so many couples in the world that want to have a child but can’t. Someone else’s baby is their only hope to fulfilling their dreams. Even though there are these options many still believe abortion is a wonderful option that they have and plan on using it if need be. I still am against it even with the other circumstances; a woman always has other options.

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