Analyse the reasons why GBK can achieve higher levels of added value than McDonalds Essay

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Customers are more concerned with eating healthier ; and have besides become progressively more interested in the quality of nutrient they are eating. Although they want to bask a Burger they besides want to cognize it’s of good quality. Unlike fast nutrient eating houses like McDonalds. Gourmet Burger Kitchen ( GBK ) offers this higher quality nutrient.

By offering this higher quality nutrient it attracts clients. it besides allows them to bear down more as people are more willing to pay more for a better quality merchandise than a low quality merchandise. this therefore consequences in GBK accomplishing higher degrees of added value than McDonalds due to this higher quality merchandise. GBK offers a smarter environment than traditional fast nutrient eating houses.

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This means that the degree of service offered is much higher. This allows GBK to accomplish a higher degree of added value as they are offering something McDonalds isn’t. This is one of their alone merchandising points. By offering this service it allows them to bear down more because the environment people are eating in is smarter. this therefore means an addition in at that place added value. Robert Tame. laminitis of all right Burger company believes that “it’s non merely about the merchandise. It’s besides about the environment you are showing the Burgers in”

Food at GBK is considered to be healthy in comparing to the nutrient sold at McDonalds. Customers are more concerned about eating healthier than they have been earlier. and GBK offers a more varied and less calorie bill of fare. This means that GBK can accomplish a higher degree of added value than McDonalds because clients don’t mind paying more for something if it’s more good to them than another merchandise on the market. This therefore means that they can accomplish this higher degree of added value than McDonalds.

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