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Jackson was a adult male of many faces, and many of his positions were non democratic. First, Jackson was non democratic for economic grounds, such as the Bank veto. Second, Jackson was non democratic for political grounds, such as implementing the Spoils system. Third, Jackson was non democratic for societal grounds, such as being pro-slavery. Jacksonian positions are non democratic.

First, Jackson was non democratic for political grounds. During his presidential term many of his actions were viewed as oppressive and his behaviour reflected that of a male monarch instead than of a president. One individual drew a sketch of Jackson, where he is have oning a Crown, keeping a sceptre in his manus, and treading on the Constitution ( Doc 11 ) . This represents that people saw Andrew Jackson as “King Andrew” because he did whatever he wanted and acted like a dictator by disobeying the Constitution. Another illustration was when Jackson implemented the Spoils System, which was when the President appointed his protagonists with authorities occupations. Jackson argued that there aren’t many major makings necessary for authorities occupations and that anyone can make it ( Doc 4 ) . However, oppositions of Jackson considered him a autocrat because he replaced experient politicians with illiterate husbandmans who had no political experience merely because they supported his run. Jackson was non democratic for many political grounds.

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Second, Jackson was non democratic for economic grounds. To get down, Jackson vetoed the measure to recharter the Second Bank of the United States. He claimed that he was protecting the democracy from corruptness but in world, he feared that the bankers would run against him. Jackson was a autocrat who destroyed the national bank for personal issues ( Doc 8 ) and he was quoted as stating, “The Bank is seeking to kill me but I will kill it.” Next, Jackson passed the Indian Removal Act, which forced the Indians to travel West. Even though the Indians did non desire to go forth their lands and travel into unknown lands, Jackson forced them to ( Doc 6 ) . Jackson argued that the white colonists needed the land and could do better usage of it and could do the land more economically productive than the Indians had been able to. Jackson was non democratic for these economic grounds.

Third, Jackson was non a democratic president for societal grounds. He did non believe in equality for all people. Jackson owned a big figure of slaves during his presidential term ( Doc 5 ) . This shows how Jackson supported bondage and merely equality when it referred to white males. Jackson besides treated the Native Americans really ill. Jackson believed that Native Americans were inferior to whites’ , and that it was non necessary to handle them reasonably. He believed that Native Americans were kids in demand of counsel ( Doc 10 ) . He helped them by “guiding” them out of their lands and directing them on the Trail of Tears in which more than 4,000 Cherokee dice of cold, hungriness and disease. Jackson was non a democratic president due to many societal grounds.

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