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Attack On World Trade Center Essay, Research Paper

Terrorism is the bug of 21 century. Throughout history it has appeared in many assorted ways: hijacked planes, ships, trains. But ne’er was terrorist act committed in such a awful manner as on Tuesday, September 11 in New York City. This calamity affected us all.

It was nice Tuesday forenoon. Everybody were hotfooting to their occupations in the most beautiful and singular metropolis of the universe. Airplanes in the sky were usual modus operandi of this metropolis at this clip. Manhattan was ready to welcome 1000000s of its occupants and tourer. Everybody were traveling about their concerns. There was semblance that nil can upset this normal being.

Quickly, two rider planes, like minister plenipotentiaries of panic, crashed into both towers of the World Trade Center. Pieces of dust came down with a terrorizing boom. Screams of panic could be heard through Black Marias of 1000s people from all over the universe. Ten proceedingss subsequently, people all over the universe with flooring fright could detect how two highest edifices of the universe were fall ining transporting off 1000s of guiltless lives. Peoples stood gazing in awe at the empty infinite, which one time was the Tenth Wonder of the World. Now, this is merely a cloud of dust. Many firemans and constabularies officers rushed into the combustion edifices to salvage guiltless lives. At this clip they weren? t believing about their ain lives.

I woke up approximately 9 O & # 8217 ; clock. As usual I turned on the Television. I saw a awful image of one tower and a batch of fume was coming out of it. Still non recognizing what was go oning, I went to another room to pack my material in order to travel to college. At this clip I was believing that it was merely a regular fire and nil serious. When I got on the coach I saw unusual disturbance among people. I could experience panic and fear among people. I wanted to utilize my cell phone to name my friend to happen out if he? s Oklahoma, but it did non work. Every

organic structure were speaking about the onslaughts of terrorists, but I ne’er thought that World Trade Center could fall in, merely disappear. I heard that Twin Towers collapsed when I was in my music category. I still could non recognize what was go oning in NY. I got out from Brooklyn College and I went to Flatbush Avenue. There I saw skies full of black fume. I was astonished.

What is traveling to go on next? Is it a war? All these inquiries were winging in my head. I couldn? T believe what happened. I was really disquieted and inquiring if things of all time be normal once more. When I came place, I turned on the Television and I kept watching it over and over once more. It was incredible. For me and I think to everybody else. It didn? T seem existent, it was more like a horror film, but unluckily it wasn & # 8217 ; t. I have ne’er seen anything like this before and I hope I won & # 8217 ; t see it once more.

The Pentagon. I could experience sense of security and protection when I was hearing this word. This section is supposed to be the guard of America! How could it be attacked? These terrorists showed us that they could assail any topographic point in the universe. Twins Towers, Pentagon, what else? I heard 1000s times that Washington D.C has the best security. Nothing is allowed to wing over Washington D.C. Are we that vulnerable? How is it possible that US Air Force did non assail this aircraft?

It was atrocious. How could it go on to New York? This is genuinely a great loss and calamity. WTC was the symbol of United States, the symbol of freedom, of capitalist economy, and democracy. Twin Towers were the image of the whole Manhattan, and United States. I can non conceive of Manhattan without Twin Towers. There is no topographic point in the universe where I can experience myself safe after onslaught on World Trade Center and Pentagon.

Possibly some twenty-four hours, in some manner, the universe will understand what happened in New York. Who of all time did this had excessively much hatred and actions like this are non justified by anything.

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