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The Great Challenge of Humanity All our lives we’ve been bombarded by the many choices that life throws our way. Some of which in our perspective are what we’d call “good” choices and some of which may be considered “evil” choices. Humans are born with this innate capacity within ourselves to do good or evil. The individual can only recognize what “good” and “evil” means from their perspective. However, on a universal level we have a cultural understanding to what we would perceive as good and evil in our society. Good choices usually are resulting in genuine love and appreciation of what we have in the moment’s time. Bad choices can be seen as destructive and can be seen as need that can never be fulfilled, which can lead to corruption. In Avatar, James Cameron uses Jake Sully to explore the duality of human nature’s choice of good and evil and associating choice’s effect on love and spiritually within nature.
Avatar takes place one hundred and forty one years in the future when humans have used up all of earth’s resources for their greedy and selfish advancements. I viewed the human military men in the movie as parasitic as they try to move onto their next planet and suck it dry of its resources. We first see Jake Sully take on the perspective of the military antagonists as he was only doing his job and seeming like an “infant”. He is clueless and easily persuaded. At first you see him following orders without question but throughout the movie he begins to start thinking for himself as he develops a relationship with the Omaticaya people. The military officials are looking into Pandora to obtain the valuable “gold” like substance called Unobtanium. I found this to be an interesting symbolic use of play on words that this mineral on Pandora was “unobtainable”. We see Jake as being a faithful marine man eager to learn yet we get a feeling like he’s missing a part of himself. John Boorman, a film director says, “Perhaps the key is the marine in the…

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