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Beowulf- An Epic Hero Essay, Research Paper

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The hero of an heroic poem verse form usually embodies the ideals

of behavior that are most

valued by the civilization which the heroic poem was composed. In

the heroic poem verse form “ Beowulf ”

Beowulf was the heroic poem hero. He was an heroic poem hero because

of his virtuousnesss. Three of his

virtuousnesss are true to his word, he made his male parent

proud, and he was brave.

Beowulf was true to his word by stating “ I entirely and

the aid of my work forces, may

purging all evil from this hall. ” ( 260-261 ) Then subsequently

on in the verse form he “ The ill-famed

slayer fought for his freedom, desiring no flesh but

retreat, wanting nil but flight ;

his claws had been caught, he was trapped. ” ( 337-340 )

In those lines it is stating that

Beowulf will travel fight the immorality, Grendel or “ ill-famed

slayer, ” and so did and killed him,

and had Grendel imploring for clemency.

Beowulf was besides courageous. He was brave by stating “ I

entirely and the aid of my

work forces, may purge all immorality from this hall. ” ( 260-261 ) He

besides was brave in a batch of other

ways, for illustration “ When my danger is near, the warm

words we uttered, and if your

enemy should stop my life so be, ” ( 451-453 ) that was

when he had to contend Grendel & # 8217 ; s

/ & gt ;

female parent. When he fought her he was besides brave by traveling

to contend her by himself, merely

with blades and armour, “ She carried him, armour and

blade and all. ” ( 479-480 ) Another

clip when Beowulf was brave was when he was traveling to

battle a firedrake, Beowulf says, “ I

experience no shame, with shield and blade and armour,

against this monster: when he comes to

me I mean to stand, non run from his hiting fires,

base boulder clay destiny decides which one of

us wins. ” ( 635-639 )

The 3rd virtuousness Beowulf expressed was that he will

do his male parent proud. He

made his male parent proud by following in his male parents

footfalls. His male parent was really good

known, Beowulf says, “ My male parent was a celebrated soldier,

known far and broad as a leader

of work forces. His name was Edegtho. His life lasted many

winters ; wise work forces all over the

Earth certainly retrieve him still. ” ( 174-179 ) He is

following in his male parents footfalls by

going a really good leader, by those virtuousnesss

mentioned earlier, a good soldier, and a

good combatant.

Beowulf expresses many virtuousnesss. He expresses them in

the signifiers of courage, true

to his word, and he will do his male parent proud. Thus

in the heroic poem verse form “ Beowulf ”

Beowulf is the heroic poem hero.

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