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Beowulf is steeped in a heathen tradition that depicts nature as hostile and forces of decease as unmanageable. Blind destiny choices random victims ; adult male is ne’er reconciled with the universe. Beowulf ends a failure. There is some truth in this decision, but for the most portion, person who didn? Ts have a well-lived life has most likely portrayed it.

Beowulf is steeped in a heathen tradition, but non one that depicts nature as hostile. The scene in the beginning is portrayed as, ? ? these beautiful fields marked off by oceans, so proudly puting the Sun and Moon to glow across the land and light it? ? ( 8 ) .

This doesn? t sound like anything hostile to me ; on the contrary, what is being described creates an image of delight. ? The corners of the Earth were made lovely with trees? ? ( 11 ) is said. When reading these words, the last thing on my head would be hostile.

Forces of decease and blind destiny picking random victims may hold some truth to them, but destiny is something that? s really disputed. ? ? Snatched up 30 work forces, smashed them unknowing in their beds? ? ( 37 ) This may look like destiny had decided who was traveling to decease, but it likely wasn? T so. Grendel, ? ? slipped through the door? ? ( 36 ) and snatched himself whomever he could acquire his custodies onto. He most likely came in and killed the first 30 that were kiping closest to him. He doubtless didn? t weirdo over all those work forces in hazard of waking them up and get down butchering on that side. What if, while he was slaughtering the group, they would hold woken up? The he

would hold been trapped in the Mead hall and would hold certainly found his decease. I imagine Grendel being smarter that that. It wasn? t destiny that decided who would decease that dark, but merely those who had slept near the door. Making smart determinations and believing things over can command your destiny, if such a thing exists.

Beowulf did non stop in failure. How could a adult male who was known as a hero and King be considered a failure? He can? t. He, after get the better ofing Grendel? s female parent, became King of the Geats and was admired by his people. He was showered in gifts as was said. ? ? Laden with gifts given him by Hrothgar? ? ( pg. 34, prologue ) He lived in peace for 50 old ages before holding to confront the firedrake ; 50 old ages of peace and prosperity to joy over. Many work forces did non do it to fifty in those yearss and he was past that and still good away. When he did confront the firedrake, he knew he wasn? T traveling to come out alive. ? ? With glorification denied him. He knew it, but he raised his blade? ? ( 228 ) He was an old adult male and had done everything he had wanted to make. His life had been a complete one and decease would be a welcome flyover. How can one who has long completed his journey in success be a failure?

Beowulf defeated Grendel. Beowulf defeated Grendel? s female parent. Beowulf became King of the Geats. Beowulf lived for 50 old ages in peace. Beowulf defeated the firedrake. Beowulf died a adult male of award, loved and respected by his people. He was a baronial leader and lived the life of a King. His organic structure was defeated on Earth, but his psyche and spirit lived on for many old ages to follow. Beowulf was non a failure.

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