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Beowulf And His Virtues Essay, Research Paper

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Beowulf: A Moral Man Amongst Men

Morality, a criterion of right behaviour, was one of the most of import features during the Anglo-Saxon epoch. The narrative Beowulf depicted many virtuousnesss of the times. Beowulf holds his ethical motives and virtuousnesss above all else, from the manner he fought in conflict until the twenty-four hours he died.

Beowulf showed his award as he traveled from his fatherland to conflict the barbarous monster Grendel, who was terrorising the Danes. Grendel raided and ravaged ( 105 ) the Mead hall, demoing no award by killing inebriated work forces in their slumber. Beowulf proved his award by make up one’s minding to reject all arms ( 338 ) and fight Grendel with manus clasp merely ( 342 ) therefore worsening an upper manus on his enemy. Beowulf s award is evident once more when he describes the competition between himself and his boyhood friend Breca. Beowulf and Breca were in the thick of a swimming competition on the unfastened sea. Breca couldn T maintain up with Beowulf, but being the honest warrior, he refused to go forth his side. Beowulf fought off monsters in the oceans deep, protecting Breca from the grisly sea animals. ( 430 )

Beowulf s morality came besides in the signifier of trueness to people and his word. Loyalty to his male parent remained throughout the heroic poem. On legion occasions he boasted of his male parent, Ecgtheow, who was celebrated in many a folk-land, ( 1

95 ) therefore commemorating his name. Promises made by Beowulf were deserving their weight in gold. His repute grew as an honest and loyal adult male. After Beowulf s promise to murder mother Grendel, Hrothgard gave thanks to God/ for the heartening words the hero had spoken. ( 910 ) Beowulf had yet to kill mother Grendel, but Hrothgar knew Beowulf would carry through his promise.

Credence of decease, and attention for the public assistance of his people were Beowulf s greatest virtuousnesss. Fixing for conflict, Beowulf accepted the possibility of triumph but besides made agreements in the event of his decease. Before his conflict with Grendel he requested the best of corslets and Finest of hauberks ( 353 ) be sent to Hygelac. Suffering a dangerous and inexorable ( 1644 ) lesion at the custodies of the firedrake, with the finger of decease indicating his manner, Beowulf s merely concern was the fiscal well-being of his people. Knowing his decease was non in vain, he thanked God for leting him to derive such dowry of wealths ( 1703 ) for his people upon his decease.

Beowulf was one of the most baronial and moral heroic poem heroes. Respect for his ethical motives and virtuousnesss led his people to raise a beacon filled with gold and wealths he acquired for them. Along with the beacon, his people prepared a funeral with the greatest of funeral fires ( 1861 ) to demo love for their late male monarch. This honest funeral justifies the manner Beowulf lived his life.

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