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Beowulf And Hrothgar: Anglo-saxon Ideal Code Of Conduct Essay, Research Paper

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Beowulf and Hrothgar: Anglo-saxon Ideal Code of Conduct

The heroic poem verse form of? Beowulf? presents the features of two heroes,

Beowulf and Hrothgar. During this Anglo-saxon clip period, Hrothgar regulations as

the male monarch of his Danish lands. However, this male monarch faces many jobs due to the

perturbations of a monster known as Grendel. As an Anglo-Saxon warrior of the

clip, Beowulf hears of this animal and journeys through the hero & # 8217 ; s way to

kill Grendel. Through this journey, Hrothgar and Beowulf reconstruct the codification

of behavior of an ideal Anglo-Saxon male monarch and warrior.

The Danish lands of the clip are ruled by Hrothgar, a respected and

generous male monarch. These qualities of character were admired by the people of his

clip and topographic point. All people of Hrothgar & # 8217 ; s land respected this male monarch, and they

all accepted his? really word far and broad as a command. ? The people besides give

him great rubrics such as the? Lord of the Mighty Danes, ? ? defender of the

Scyldings, ? and? defender of warriors. ? Much of these people & # 8217 ; s esteem come in

response to Hrothgar & # 8217 ; s generousness to everyone. This generousness can be seen

towards Beowulf, when the male monarch gives his thanks for the heroic workss of the

warrior. Hrothgar wagess Beowulf with invaluable stuff as he says to the

warrior, ? You shall miss no earthly wealths I can offer you. ? The people of the

land besides trust their male monarch, who holds a strong belief in God. In the scene

where Hrothgar celebrates Grendel & # 8217 ; s decease, he holds the monsters manus as he says,

? Let us give thanks at one time to God Almighty for this sight. ? The followings of

the male monarch both regard and swear their swayer, and through his generousness and

strong trust in good, Hrothgar displays the ide

al codification of behavior for an Anglo-

Saxon male monarch.

Another heroic poem hero that has qualities that follow the Anglo-Saxon codification of

behavior is Beowulf. This warrior, known to be the? strongest adult male alive, ? foliages

for a heroic journey when he hears of the evil Grendel. He foremost shows his

strength and courage when he sets sail to help Hrothgar in get the better ofing Grendel

after hearing intelligence of the animal in his ain land. Beowulf is invariably

referred to as brave, such as when he defeats Grendel, and Hrothgar must honor

him for his heroics. As the? brave adult male moved frontward until he stood instantly

before the Danish Godhead, ? Hrothgar says, ? I will honor this brave adult male with

treasures. ? The unbeatable strength of Beowulf shows during his confrontation

with Grendel, when the monster immediately realizes that? ne’er had he met any adult male

in the parts of Earth, in the whole universe, with so strong a grip. ? The

tremendous animal, for the first clip, meets his lucifer and can non assist but to

experience panic and? tidal bore to get away to his lair. ? To further understand Beowulf & # 8217 ; s

power, the writer describes of an? immense unbeatable blade wrought by the

giants? that no other human but Beowulf could manage it during conflict. Through

his courage to face the evil animal and his strength to get the better of Grendel,

Beowulf creates himself as the bold and powerful warrior that represents that

ideal codification of behavior for an Anglo-Saxon warrior.

Through the hero & # 8217 ; s journey in? Beowulf, ? features of both

Hrothgar and Beowulf can be seen. Hrothgar plays his function as a respected and

generous male monarch, while Beowulf is the strong and courageous warrior. In exposing

these features, both Hrothgar and Beowulf reconstruct the ideal codification of

behavior for an Anglo-Saxon male monarch and warrior.

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