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Did Beowulf genuinely obtain the qualities of an heroic poem hero? In the heroic poem verse form Beowulf, Beowulf & # 8217 ; s character traits prove to be the word picture of an heroic poem hero. Beowulf & # 8217 ; s traits of vainglory, courage and astonishing strength are the cogent evidence of his gallantry.

Beowulf & # 8217 ; s vainglory may non be the most convincing heroic trait, but it surely was of import to the people of his clip. Beowulf boasted to Unferth to clear up Unferth & # 8217 ; s misinterpretation of a swimming event between Beowulf and Breca, in which they swam out to sea and remained there for five darks. Beowulf informed Breca of how they were seperated after five darks in a storm. He boasted of the nine sea monsters he slayed while he floated approximately. Beowulf boasted to Hygelac of his triumphs over Grendel and his female parent while he was in Danes & # 8217 ; land. He besides boasted to Wiglaf in his death words. Internet Explorer line 1889 & # 8220 ; I have ruled the Geats for 50 winters ; no male monarch of any neighbouring folk has dared attack me with blades, or sought to overawe and repress me. & # 8221 ; In Anglo Saxon clip, any hero or individuals of great achievements were expected to tout to show their illustriousness.

Bravery was a greater facet of Beowulf & # 8217 ; s heroic traits. Beowulf was really courageous to contend Grendel. Grendel was a enormously feared monster by the Danes. Beowulf fought him with no armour or protection of any sort, for grounds stated in line 588, & # 8221 ; I count myself no less active in conflict, no less weather than Grendel himself ; therefore, I will non direct him to kip with my sword. & # 8221 ; Beowulf proved himself even braver by coming to contend a monster he knew nil approximately. He merely heard of a beastly monster & # 8217 ; s offenses, therefore sailed over the sea to help the celebrated leader, the warrior male monarch. Beowulf & # 8217 ; s courage appeared once more when he s

et out to kill Grendel’s female parent. She lived in a den at the underside of a atrocious lake which no adult male would believe of come ining. Beowulf entered the blood boiling Waterss with no vacillation. He swam for 20 four hours before he reached the monsters’ den. There he met Grendel’s female parent who viciously attacked him. As shown in line 1239, “The woven corslet that covered his shoulders saved Beowulf’s life.” Even after being about killed by Grendel’s mother the brave Beowulf stayed to complete the battle. Beowulf was a really courageous character and would ne’er give up or frighten off from any challenge.

Beowulf & # 8217 ; s most epic trait was his astonishing strength. He displayed his astonishing strength when he fought Grendel and his female parent. An outstanding show of strength was shown in his conflict with Grendle in line722, & # 8221 ; Hygelac & # 8217 ; s weather kinsman held his manus in a vise like clasp ; each was a mortal enemy to the other. The atrocious monster suffered dangerous hurting ; a gaping lesion opened on his shoulder ; the tendons sprang apart, & # 8221 ; By rupturing off Grendel & # 8217 ; s arm, Beowulf showed his emense strength. By swimming directly down for 20 four hours to make the monsters lair without a breath for air, Beowulf proved that he was a adult male off astonishing strength and endurance. Beowulf maintained the position of an astonishing adult male in the H2O when he spent five darks at sea and, with a blade in his manus killed nine sea monsters. Weather he was rending off a monster & # 8217 ; s arm or swimming for 20 four hours without a breath, Beowulf proved himself the most powerful adult male in all the lands.

In the heroic poem verse form Beowulf, Beowulf & # 8217 ; s astonishing power, courage and vainglory made him an heroic poem hero to everyone who knew of him. By governing the Geats for 50 old ages and keeping peace and felicity, Beowulf made himself an extrordinary hero to all.

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