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Beowulf is considered one of the first or earliest pieces of English literature. The heroic poem verse form tells the escapades of the larger than life hero, Beowulf. All human civilizations both past and present award and uphold certain values. Persons who respect and demonstrate these values are frequently honored by others within the civilization while those who chose non to are considered friendless. In Beowulf, the Anglo-Saxon values exhibited consist of bravery, courtesy, and generousness. Courage, courtesy, and generousness are demonstrated in Beowulf through the actions of some characters.

Courage was a extremely valued act in Anglo-Saxon society. Beowulf demonstrates bravery when he chooses to contend Grendel entirely without arms. Grendel, a monster capable of killing and transporting off 30 work forces in one dark has to be a hard force to get the better of. Even though Beowulf is driven partly by his hubris, it took bravery for Beowulf to dispute a monster that is besides larger than life. Other illustrations of bravery in Beowulf include Beowulf s conflicts with the fire external respiration firedrake and Grendel s mother. Like the conflict with Grendel, Beowulf makes the largely altruistic determinations to conflict the firedrake and Grendel s female parent. Even though all of Beowulf s Acts of the Apostless can be traced to feeding his self-importance, put on the lining his life to assist others exhibits bravery.

Another of import Anglo-Saxon value is Courtesy. The best illustration of courtesy in Beowulf is the scene with the watcher. Once Beowulf reaches the Danish Shore, Beowulf explains his mission to the watchful watcher. The watchman posts a guard to watch Beowulf s ship and leads him and his work forces to Herot. Alternatively of shouting arrest, who goes at that place, the watcher gives a wholly gracious and respectful address, stating Beowulf that he is welcomed but must go forth his arms on the shore. Hrothgar besides demonst

rates courtesy by welcoming Beowulf and his work forces so openly. Courtesy remains a baronial trait today and the honest characters of Beowulf demonstrated courtesy of the Anglo-Saxon period. With courtesy comes the baronial value of generousness.

Like the old values, generousness was an of import Anglo-Saxon value. Kings frequently gave gifts to visitants to expose generousness, believing that they would be rewarded for their generousness by the Gods. Hrothgar shows generousness by patronizing the feast for Beowulf and his work forces. Other honest Lords of the clip showed the same generousness to their invitee as Hrothgar showed to Beowulf and his work forces. Before Beowulf goes to contend Grendel s female parent, Unferth offers Beowulf Hrunting, a celebrated blade, for protection. Alternatively of directing him empty handed or with a regular blade, he offers him the usage of Hrunting to expose his grasp and regard for Beowulf. Traveling back to the value of courtesy, Beowulf displays courtesy by stating Unferth about how helpful the blade was in his licking over Grendel s mother even though it was useless.

The Anglo-Saxon values of bravery, courtesy, and generousness are demonstrated through the Acts of the Apostless of characters in Beowulf. While still a spot chesty, Beowulf and other characters that are considered honest based on Anglo-Saxon values, displayed their society s values by being welcoming, grateful, polite, and weather. The World would likely be a better topographic point if the values of the Anglo-saxon civilization were applied universally. Our society still honors bravery, trueness, courtesy, and generousness but unluckily, tonss of people aren t willing to pattern what they preach. The consequence is a society that honors certain values with a batch of people who find it hard to expose the values through their Acts of the Apostless. In decision, a batch of people today could larn a batch by analyzing yesterday.

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