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Beowulf was written in a clip when Christianity was a freshly budding

faith in England. Throughout the book there are obvious mentions to both

Christian and Pagan rites. The characters in the heroic poem are freshly found

Christians who are seeking to stay true to their new religion but are weak and

hence, in times of great problem, they resort back to their Pagan traditions and

Gods out of fright. Pagan rites in the book are normally present merely as

contemplations of the yesteryear or in times of the characters & # 8217 ; s greatest convulsion.

Otherwise, in times of felicity and rejoicing, they worship their one, Godhead,

Christian God.

When Grendel is assailing Herot, and it & # 8217 ; s people think they are in their

greatest danger, the people of Herot & # 8220 ; sacrificed to the old rock Gods / Made

pagan vows / trusting for Hell & # 8217 ; s Support, the Devil & # 8217 ; s counsel in driving their

affliction off. & # 8221 ; ( 175-178 ) . With the usage of the word & # 8220 ; old & # 8221 ; in this subdivision, it

can be inferred that the rock Gods are things of the yesteryear. The remainder of the

transition shows that it was because of the uncertainty and fright, instilled in the people

by Grendel, that the people of Herot regressed back to their old Gods. The usage

of the word & # 8220 ; heathen & # 8221 ; shows that the soldiers were already Christian and

reverted back to their old ways.

Soon after this statement, the verse form reads:

Beware, those who are thrust into danger,

Clutched at by problem, yet can transport no consolation

In their Black Marias, can non trust to be better! Hail

To those who will lift to God, bead off

Their dead organic structures and seek our Father & # 8217 ; s peace!

This says that the people whose fear consumes them to the point that

they lose religion that, after decease, their psyches will non be granted ageless peace

by the Father, God. This illustrates that the soldiers who have fallen from

religion in their worship are making so merely because of great fright, but that they

are looked down upon by God and good Christians. It says that merely those who

will give themselves and swear in God will be let into Heaven. These

soldiers know this but are excessively scared to maintain religion.

During the relation of the beginnings of Grendel, there is reference that

Grendel is a merchandise of Cain, a Christian character. This is a manner that the

characters of the book warrant their belief in monsters. If they can state that

the monster comes from a scriptural character, so they can & # 8217 ; t hold themselves as

blasphemers for believing in the Pagan thought of monsters. The characters are

both scared of the monster that is taking their lives and of what will go on if

they show a deficiency of religion, as is shown in the above quotation mark.

This fearful rationalisation is made once more when Beowulf is boasting

about all his triumphs and Michigans to state that he is non braggart but that he is

truthful. Having excessively much pride had been the ruin of many Biblical

characters and is the first lifelessly wickedness in Christianity. Beowulf returns to

state his narrative but merely after he has put on a frontage of humbleness, showing

that, at bosom, he surely isn & # 8217 ; t an Orthodox Christian but merely needs to

look to be one.

In the contemplations of Shild & # 8217 ; s entombment at sea which was reminiscent of a

Norse ceremonial, in which they sent their great warriors across the River Stix to

Walhalla, we see the obvious Pagan tradition. At the terminal of the book, Beowulf

is cremated which is far from a proper Christian entombment. It is besides said that

the fume from the fire is swallowed up by the Heavens which is really similar to

the Egyptian thought that the visible radiation which hits the top of a pyramid carries the

spirit into the hereafter. Both events were times of great unhappiness where 1

might oppugn one & # 8217 ; s religion. In fact, throughout the narrative, all but Shild & # 8217 ; s

decease ceremonials are conducted by cremation, a non-Christian entombment. Indeed in

times of inquiry the people of Beowulf & # 8217 ; s England were non the devout Christians

they would hold liked to be. From the beginning of the novel to the terminal, there

is this of all time present return to the old Pagan ways. There is small passage

because even after the monsters are defeated there is still the greatest fright

of all in decease. It shows that it will take clip for these people to to the full

accept their new religion and they are delicate.

However, when doing glorious addresss and seeking to affect one another,

the Christian beliefs are expressed. When the narrative Tells of the times before

Herot fell to Grendel, one of the images used to paint them as a beautiful clip

in history is the poets of Herot singing the Creation Song. When more closely

examined, the vocal is really similar, if non the same as, the Christian myth of

creative activity.

Throughout the full verse form there are legion illustrations of both Pagan and

Christian rites. The people of the times were Christians. As is seen when

the menace of Grendel is looming, when Beowulf is boasting about his

achievements, and when Beowulf is dead, these people are weak and susceptible

to the ideals that other faiths offer them. All the illustrations can be used to

focal point on the decision that, in this text, the Christians are weak and frequently

return back to their Pagan ways when they are most scared.


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