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a˜»a˜»Tifffany Walker
Randy Brock, Instructor
Eng.Compl. 1302
04/26/14Bless the Beast and the ChildrenBless the beast and the children, for they have no voice to be heard, their fates lie in the hands of others. The world they see, the world they know, is dependent on the world that is created for them by those who have the ‘power’ to control such things. As the musical group the Carpenter’s sang in their hit song from the nineteen seventies, “Bless the beasts and the children”. Still toady, decades later, the children and animals still need such blessings, for though much has changed, much remains the same. Those who have no voice need love and the light of joy to battle hate, and the darkness brought on by pain and suffering, growing in the fertile soil of fear.Children are born innocent into this world. They have ‘no choice’ to whom their parents will be, ‘no choice’ to where their eyes will open, ‘no choice’ to the sights those eyes will see and ‘no choice’ to the tune of music life will play for their virgin ears to hear. Some are born to good fortune, if not necessarily to financially wealthy parents, they are born into an abundance of love, sheltered from the ‘darkness’ of the shadows. Some children are not so fortunate. They are born shrouded in the shadows, blanketed by the darkness which gives no comfort or warmth. These children have ’no choice’ to save themselves from suffering, ’no voice’ to be heard as their soul screams in eternal silence to the rest of the world. Innocent and alone, these children suffer in neglect and abuse, as others blossom beneath the constant showers of love and nurturing affection.Animals are born to this same innocence, for they know not the intricate webs of human kind. Their lives are of a simplicity unknown by the human species. They live to feed, reproduce, sleep and enjoy a frolic in the warm, sun drenched grass as it waves in the gentle breeze. For better or for worse, often times people control…

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