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The Struggle for the Perfect Man

When we find a love involvement and have an chance to perpetrate to him or her, we normally do, non observing the effects we may confront by making so. The first few times around, nevertheless, the result is normally non the 1 we had expected and hoped for. Theodore Dreiser s Sister Carrie and Zora Neale Hurston s Their Eyess Were Watching God portray two immature adult females on their trek to happen the perfect love. Even though Carrie Meeber and Janie Crawford have about nil in common, they both shared the impact of the same effects. Carrie and Janie demo how people of infinite Numberss of backgrounds can portion the same experiences and effects through their journey of love.

The first relationship frequently makes a large impact on the individual, one that they will ne’er bury. Carrie s journey Begins on her train drive to Chicago. A really fine-looking and rich adult male, Drouet, takes note of Carrie and begins speaking to her. She becomes overwhelmed at his speedy promotion upon her and becomes weak and vulnerable. She rapidly takes involvement in him and does non cognize how to move or what to believe as shown in this transition:

There was something satisfactory in the attending of this single with good apparels.She realized that she was of involvement to him from the one point of view which a adult female both delectations in and frights. Her mode was simple, though for the really ground that she had non yet learned the many small fondnesss with which adult females conceal their true feelings.

( pp. 11-12, Sister Carrie )

Carrie didn T cognize what to anticipate when she got together with Drouet. She loved the wealth and money, and believed she loved Drouet. After a while she began to recognize that she truly didn t love him. But she thought that matrimony would be a warrant against losing his fondness and generousness. Janie, on the other manus, was forced into her first relationship, in which this instance was a matrimony. Janie thought she could turn to love Logan, but did non. She shortly learned that matrimony did non do love. Logan did nil wrong, Janie was merely looking for so

mething else, person who could love her the manner she wanted to be loved.

In the 2nd relationship, things are frequently thought to be better, but it s non ever the instance. Both Carrie and Janie thought that they could do their lives better if they could merely go forth what they had buttocks and travel off with person else who they thought could be what they had ever dreamed of. Janie meets Joe Starks, who tempts Janie into go forthing Logan by stating her You ain t got no minute concern wid uh plough than uh pig is got wid uh vacation! A pretty doll-baby lak you is made to sit on de front porch and stone and fan yo ego ( p. 28, Their Eyess Were Watching God ) . Janie finally finds unhappiness with Joe but doesn Ts do anything to get away from him. Carrie meets Hurstwood, and begins seeing him. After Hurstwood goes bankrupt, Carrie gets a occupation and leaves Hurstwood after larning that she can back up herself.

The 3rd clip around is where Carrie and Janie suffer the worst effects. Carrie meets a immature adult male named Robert Ames. Despite the kindness he intrigues her with, he was non concerned with emotions towards Carrie. She was left in solitariness merely to dream of what she didn Ts have, as noted here: In your swaying chair, by your window dreaming, shall you long, entirely. In your swaying chair, by your window, shall you woolgather such felicity as you may ne’er experience. ( pp.464-465, Sister Carrie ) . Janie eventually met the true love of her life, Tea Cake. He treated and loved her the manner she wanted him to. Unfortunately, Tea Cake contracted hydrophobias and Janie had to hit him out of ego defence.

Love is a really complicated topic. No 1 knows whom he or she will happen as their true love, nor do they cognize when. We go through many different experiences and can portion and understand one another s, from anterior experience ourselves. Carrie and Janie s narratives are merely illustrations of what 1 might happen on his or her journey through love, and they help us to understand why things happen the manner they do. Even though everyone may non travel up the same way at the same clip, they all end up traveling down one chief route, and hence suffer the same effects as everyone else has.

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