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William Bradley Pitt was born December 18, 1963 in the city of Shawnee, USA, in a model American family, very decent and very religious. His father worked as a manager in a freight company, his mother was a teacher at a local school.

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After graduating from school, Pitt entered the University of Missouri at the Department of Journalism and Advertising. But he never received a diploma, having instead gone to Hollywood with the goal of starting an acting career. There he changed his name to the usual “Brad Pitt”, but the number of roles offered to him did not increase. So at first Pitt had to take on jobs that were far from show business: at one time he even worked as a barker in a local restaurant – he had to invite passers-by in a suit of a giant chicken to visit their place. At the same time, he attended acting courses in order to add a little professionalism to his pretty face.

So he got a small role in the TV series “Dallas” and in some other TV series and feature films. However, the actor was noticed only after he starred in the film “Thelma and Louise” (1991). The films “Johnny Suead” and “Parallel World”, released around the same time, were not very successful, but the films “Legends of Autumn” (1994) and “Where the River Flows” (1992) received good reviews from critics.

In 1994, the sensational film “Interview with the Vampire” was released. Pitt was inimitable in the role of Louis, whom Lestat (Tom Cruise) seduced by the immortality of the damned. The convert is then tormented by the unbearable need for a vampire life: to kill in order to survive. Despite the whole “horror entourage”, Pitt, thanks to the role of the “conscientious vampire,” conquered more than one thousand female hearts around the world.

On the set of the thriller “Seven” (1995), in which Morgan Freeman became Pitt’s partner, Brad got along with Gwyneth Paltrow, who played his wife in the film, and they started a long romance. However, when they began to talk about the upcoming wedding of lovers, they unexpectedly announced a breakdown. Everything went without scandal, without accusations against each other and without any explanation of the reasons for the separation.

In 1995, Brad Pitt was nominated for an Oscar and won the Golden Globe for his role in Terry Gilliam’s 12 Monkeys (1995). Ribbon “Seven Years in Tibet” (1997) received quite contradictory reviews, and Chinese authorities announced Pitt “entrance” into their country, and for life – for what his hero shared the views of the revolutionary Tibetans.

Released in 97, the film “The Devil’s Property” with Pitt and Harrison Ford in the lead roles failed at the box office; the three-hour picture “Meet Joe Black” (1998), too, did not appeal to all critics.

Many believe that the latest and most amazing of the works of Brad Peet was the role in the cult film directed by David Fincher (the one whose actor still starred in the movie “Seven”). To express their opinion about the movie, as well as to adequately summarize the content – it is absolutely impossible. In any case, if you have not yet watched – offer already now begin to ask him at a friend’s, or rented.

In 2000, Brad Pitt, previously recognized as “the most sexual of nowadays living people”, greatly disappointed his many fans, was married to actress Jennifer Aniston. It is alleged that Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt turned upside down all of California in search for his young family at home. Real estate agents complain that the celebrity couple disclaims all their proposals, in particular, from two beautiful homes in the Hollywood Hills, the cost of twelve and twenty million dollars. Friends say: “All this fuss is due to the fact that Brad and Jen want the house to be suitable for their unborn children.”

Indeed, according to the actor himself, he always dreamed of a real family nest with a bunch of children of different ages in the house. And this can really cause a discord in their family life, although, from the side, their couple is a magnificent union of two young, beautiful and successful spouses in their careers. It’s just that Jennifer refuses to give birth to her husband’s heir.

Not a year or two after the marriage proposal, the long-awaited pregnancy Aniston did not occur. To all her husband’s questions about when, nevertheless, she would deign to have a baby, Jennifer answered: “Soon, honey, very soon!”. Jennifer Aniston explains to her husband his behavior with a banal desire to earn more money. For each episode in the series “Friends”, the actress receives $ 850 thousand. The couple were waiting for the end of the shoot to think about the child, but after the last take was completed, it turned out that almost the entire cast had signed contracts for the next season. According to Jennifer, she could not refuse friends and all that.

In fact, according to the American press, everything is much simpler. Before becoming a TV star, Jennifer Aniston suffered from a little excess weight, which, although it did not spoil it, but really interfered with her career. Then, exhausting herself with diets, the girl spoiled her metabolism. Since then, her figure is chiseled, and in weight she does not add a single gram. According to gossip that flock around her person, Jennifer disrupted not only the metabolism of fats in the body, but also the reproductive function. This often happens with young pretty women who lose weight with various new-fangled medicines. So, now Jennifer can’t get pregnant corny, but admitting this to her husband will mean the end of marriage for her – Pitt does not imagine a family without children. And the actor himself admitted that if the wife continues to continue her song, he will have to find a suitable replacement for her.

And as we see, Brad found a new companion with whom he paid for all his dreams voiced by Jennifer. The strangest thing is that this companion was Angelina Jolie, a lioness and drug addict (gossip) girl who lives with men since childhood. Strange, but true, this newfangled couple already has a bunch of children, and there is even one personally born Angelica.

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