Death Of A Salesman The American Dream

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Death Of A Salesman: The American Dream Essay, Research Paper

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For Willy and Linda, life & # 8217 ; s achievements and beginnings of pleasance are simple. This statement gives an first-class judgement of their lives because they lead really mean lives for the clip, and any deepness is ignored on their portion. This small scene exemplifies this point by demoing a focal point in their lives, being the mortgage on the house. For 25 old ages Willy and Linda have been working to pay off their mortgage, and one time they do that, they will achieve a sense of freedom, or the & # 8220 ; American Dream & # 8221 ; . That dream, particularly pertinent at that clip of growing in the United States, presents a perfect representation of their end. This end is clearly outlined by dollar marks and a sense of ownership, two key points to personal success.

The cardinal thing which leads to Willy and Linda & # 8217 ; s depressions, is their inability to face world in the present. Their lives are lived in the hereafter, and even in this scene as Willy states ; & # 8220 ; You wait, kid, before it & # 8217 ; s all over we & # 8217 ; re gon na acquire a small topographic point out in the country. & # 8221 ; ( p.72 ) , we see his ability to invariably talk of unpractical dreams. Their last payment on the mortgage gives closing to this life filled merely with dreams, and will let them to recognize some of their idealistic ideas. Their full lives have been concentrated on this house, their one meaningful ownership, hence this last payment is an accomplishment beyond any other.

Willy is a salesman, ever going from province to province staying in motels off from place

. This increases the importance of a house to him because it is non merely a topographic point of habitation but a representation of stableness in his life. It is a concrete point which can non be taken off from Willy one time he has made the last payment. While discoursing his boies with Linda, he states ; ” And they’ll get married, and come for a weekend? ” . He shows the same pride for his ownership of the house as he did for Biff during his football old ages. The house is the centre of Willy’s being, and now that he about has it, he can see that it has been his life’s work. He is a character who remains content merely by seeking to believe that he is populating the “American Dream” , and pride of his most valued ownership is all he has to keep onto.

Although, at this point in his life, Willy Loman is get downing to detect where all of this dreaming has led him. He will now hold his ain house, but throughout their treatment as Linda is naming off all of the other payments that must be made, we begin to inquire what will be in this house. Arthur Miller uses these things, the icebox, the stockings, and the auto as symbols stand foring Willy & # 8217 ; s life. Everything is weaving down, and although this scene indicates an upwards curve in the lives of the Lomans, any curve could merely last until it was rapidly exhausted. As good, Willy has done rather a few things in order to accomplish this end, an matter, a life off from his household, and all of this has sent him on a crash class. All of this is proof that populating out this & # 8220 ; American Dream & # 8221 ; , will ne’er be a world, unless we live in world.

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