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On October 11, 2000, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Vice President Al Gore and Governor George W. Bush, Jr. , participated in the 2nd presidential argument for Decision 2000. These two work forces went caput to head on public issues. The campaigners answered inquiries for the exclusive intent of demoing the people of the United States who was the stronger leader. After reexamining the arguments one can easy province Mr. Gore won by strongly and straight replying inquiries posed, of an turning away of ruddy herrings and a house, correct usage of facts.

Mr. Gore used a direct and strong attack when replying inquiries asked of him, while at times Mr. Bush failed to straight reply the inquiries. For illustration when Mr. Gore was asked to react to the topic of immature Americans without wellness insurance, he answered really clearly by stating he would wish to see an enlargement of the CHIP & # 8217 ; s plan through out the state. Mr. Bush was asked to react to figures set away by Mr. Gore sing Texas & # 8217 ; s failure to inscribe kids in the CHIP plan. Alternatively of replying this inquiry straight, he responded by saying Mr. Gore was for a authorities tally wellness attention system. Mr. Bush went on to give Numberss reflecting what Texas had spent on heath attention, but he still failed to reply whether or non Texas was ranked 49th in kid wellness attention. Mr. Lehrer asked the two campaigners to show their differences refering environmental concerns Mr. Gore answered by stating the people what his aims were. Once once more, Mr. Bush falls short of a direct reply by stating he is for local control and non large authorities. He failed to province his stance on environmental concerns. In both of these replies, Mr. Gore was able to reply in a crisp and blunt mode, while Mr. Bush was unable to acquire the inquiries answered.

While Mr. Gore stuck to the subjects, Mr. Bush used ruddy herrings alternatively of turn toing the issues. The campaigners were asked to react to civil right jobs in the United State. Mr. Gore did an highly good occupation of this by reenforcing his positions on tougher civil right Torahs, and the demand for affirmatory action. Alternatively of reacting to a job country covering with civil rights, Mr. Bush gives the people a confusing observation about favoritism in our schools. He fails to demo any favoritism in the school system. Peoples should inquire if Mr. Bush has any positions

on civil rights in the United States, because his reply failed to show any. Mr. Bush once more gives the people a distraction when asked if Mr. Gore presented statistical Numberss sing children’s wellness attention in Texas right. Alternatively of replying with a yes or no, Mr. Bush explains that he is good hearted individual, while this may be true Mr. Bush’s personal character was non in inquiry the Numberss in Texas were. Mr. Bush’s continual usage of distraction greatly hurt his place in the argument.

Both campaigners managed to utilize statistics and facts, nevertheless Mr. Gore & # 8217 ; s use of these facts were more dependable. Mr. Gore states, & # 8220 ; There are 1.4, I believe there are 1.4 million kids in Texas who do non hold wellness insurance ; 600,000 of whom, and possibly some of those have since gotten it, but as of a twelvemonth age, 600,000 of them were really eligible for it, but they couldn & # 8217 ; t subscribe up for it because of the barriers that they had to surmount. , & # 8221 ; this statement comes across strong and it is wholly reinforced by a federal justice & # 8217 ; s sentiment. Mr. Bush states the three work forces who participated in the murder of Mr. James Byrd were sentenced to decease in Texas. This alleged fact is non wholly true. Two of the work forces were sentenced to decease while a 3rd adult male received life in prison. Mr. Gore once more uses sound Numberss when he states Texas ranks 49th out of 50 provinces in wellness attention. Texas does in fact rank second to last in wellness attention. Mr. Bush attempts revenge by stating & # 8220 ; for comparable provinces our size, we & # 8217 ; re subscribing them up fast as any other state. & # 8221 ; While this may be true, when coming to a presidential argument should non the campaigners be prepared with existent Numberss alternatively of premises. Mr. Gore shows the people he cared plenty about his policies to acquire the facts and Numberss correct.

While both Mr. Bush and Mr. Gore are strong leaders, Mr. Gore was able to win the argument. Mr. Gore used a direct attack in replying inquiries, whereas Mr. Bush did non ever come across with secure replies. Mr. Bush & # 8217 ; s deflecting replies showed viewing audiences that Mr. Gore was more prepared and focused in the argument issues. Mr. Gore incorporated strategically placed facts and statistics in discrediting Mr. Bush & # 8217 ; s claims. Although Mr. Bush tried to utilize facts, his facts were non wholly right. Taking these ideas into consideration one must recognize Mr. Gore dominated the 2nd presidential argument of the 2000 election twelvemonth.

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