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Good forenoon
Respected Judgess and beloved friends.

I greatly appreciate the chance given to me to debate on the topic of equal force per unit area. I am against the statement that equal force per unit area is more good than harmful. My place is that equal force per unit area is decidedly more harmful than it is good and I would love to show some compelling statistics that lend acceptance to my place.

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But foremost. what is peer force per unit area? By definition. it is force per unit area from one’s equals to act in a mode similar or acceptable to them. By definition. it doesn’t have any positive or negative intensions associated with it.

While peer force per unit area comes in all phases of life. it is most common in striplings so let me to concentrate my attending on this peculiar group. Adolescents are extremely witting about their images and are invariably worried about what others think of them and whether they fit in with their opposite numbers. They feel pressured to dress and act in a certain manner merely so they could acquire accepted in their circles. They feel rushed into determinations that they are non ready to do merely so they could look “cool” .

Peer force per unit area could be really harmful in that it could oblige the uninformed to do bad determinations that could impact their callings and lives everlastingly. Peer force per unit area could ensue in a individual holding a low self-pride because they were excessively busy following others alternatively of developing an individuality for themselves and working on originality. Peer force per unit area could ensue in people cultivating bad wonts such as smoke. imbibing and making drugs that are really hard. if non impossible. to interrupt afterwards.

Harmonizing to the website peerpressurestatistics. org. a survey made by American Lung Association shows that 3. 2 million of American teens smoke. Out of this 3. 2 million. 25 % of them are aged 17 and 18 old ages old and that they smoke on a day-to-day footing. The ingestion is more prevailing than earlier as a consequence of their desire to suit in the group. Harmonizing to the same web site. the Kaiser Foundation shows that about 50 % of adolescents on adolescent phase between 12
old ages old to 18 old ages old compelled into sex. Based on a study from Adolescent Substance Abuse Knowledge Base 32. 2 % teens try their first drink before the age of 13.

As is apparent. the negative effects of equal force per unit area are galvanizing and unluckily the figure of striplings being coerced into making things against their will is turning twelvemonth over twelvemonth as confirmed by assorted studies whose consequences are freely available all over the web for any rational individual to analyse and penetrate the badness of the state of affairs.

In decision. it is my ardent hope that instructors and parents become cognizant of the state of affairs and rede the pupils about the sick effects of equal force per unit area. I would wish to see parents and instructors take a more active portion in the students’ lives and honor them for good behaviour. I believe that the influence of parents and instructors on striplings would be far more positive as compared to the influence of equals due to the experience and wisdom that parents and instructors bring to the tabular array.

Thank you!

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