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Decisions Essay, Research Paper

It s astonishing that every determination people make, no affair how unimportant it may look, can alter the result of their twenty-four hours or even, on a larger graduated table, their lives. From inquiring person out on a day of the month to purchasing a ticker ; determinations can get down a concatenation reaction of events that can take one on a journey to the unknown. In Carrie s Story in the Dumbtown Inquirer, there are many people who made determinations that led to the decease of Carrie Johnston. Amongst these people, the determinations made by the lover, the cab driver, and Carrie herself were the most important and hence, made these persons chiefly accountable for her death.

Carrie Johnston s lover can be held responsible for her decease as it was this adult male s selfish and unreflective determinations that led to Carrie s fatal walk through City Park. The lover did non offer to drive Johnston place to safety even though he was cognizant that the drifter had approached her in an aggressive mode minutes earlier. This shows that he is really egoistic because he was merely believing about what might go on to him and non about what might go on to Carrie if she were to walk place entirely. Although, the lover had said that he was in the relationship for merriment and was non about to put on the line an brush with [ David ] Walker, he should hold still given her a drive place out of field human decency. Not merely did the lover non offer Carrie a drive place but he besides did non give her any other options to walking place entirely. He could hold merely walked her through the park, or, at the least, given her money for a safe cab drive place. This carelessness and selfishness, demonstrated by the lover, played an tremendous function in her eventual day of reckoning.

The cab driver is besides responsible for her decease but in a really different manner than that of the lover. The determinations made by the degree Celsius

Bachelor of Arts driver were purely made with regard to being a man of affairs. For illustration, he refused to present Johnston to her place because she had left place without her billfold and could non pay the menu to acquire place. Even though he heard her full narrative, he still rejected her stating he couldn T offer free drives which was clearly a determination made by a man of affairs. It is understood how straightening the cab driver was on his determination as he, excessively did non entertain any other options which demonstrates a deficiency of human decency. It would hold been every bit simple as leting Carrie Johnston to pay the menu when she was dropped away and it would hold saved her life. Working for a cab cab service includes obeying regulations and ordinances that the employees are given but in some instances the legal thing to make isn t ever the right thing to make and in this case it cost a adult female s life.

In the terminal, Carrie Johnston herself is merely every bit much, if non more, responsible for her decease than anyone else involved because her determinations were straight linked with her decease. Her initial pick to perpetrate criminal conversation was the one determination that this whole mixed up tale revolves about. If she had attempted to salve her unhappy matrimony to Mr. Walker, none of the resulting events would hold occurred. Her best friend attempted to demo her this point when she said: you made your bed and now you have to lie in it. This emphasizes that whatever happens, she is forced to cover with it herself since she made that determination. Besides, if she truly cared for her ain safety, she would hold persevered and searched for other methods of acquiring place. Alternatively she chose to put on the line her life by walking through City Park at dark while a potentially unsafe adult male is on the prowl. Carrie Johnston made several of import determinations that dark and they were all proven to be unsound as they all led to her passing.

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