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The Ecological footmark is a method to calculate the support to human life from nature and cipher the consequence of homo on natural environment such as usage of resources. the effect of the resource usage and balance the demand of resources and supply from the nature ( Global Footprint Network. 2012 ) . In the twenty-first century. there is the increasing tendency of population cause the turning demand of resource. Therefore. sustainable resource usage is going important for people who are populating presently and following coevalss.

This essay will discourse this issue with one developed state and one developing state: Australia and China as topics. As respects to the figure of ecological footmark. China and Australia has a large difference ; harmonizing to the Living Planet Report in 2008. there were 7. 8 hour angle ( hectare ) in one individual globally ; there was more than 2. 8 times of mean planetary footmark: 2. 7ha per individual ( EPA VICTORIA ) . Unless. harmonizing to the China Ecological Footprint Report 2010. the ingestion and waste degree of resources need 1. planets to back up the demand and the C emanations and single wealth are the major factors of China’s ecological footmark growing ( WWF. 2010 ) .

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Therefore. as can be seen that from the statistics the Australian Government put more attending on cut downing the ecological footmark than Chinese Government and Australia has less ecological footmark than China. There is a large difference of population in China is 1. 44 billion but Australia has about 23 million people ( World Bank 2011. Australian Bureau of Statistics 2013 ) . It can be seen that population could impact the demand of resources. populating standard and employment. for illustration. Due to the mega- population. the Chinese Government has to equilibrate of scarceness and demand of resources ; for this issue. the Chinese Government made the one-child policy for restrict population growing to cut down the emphasis from mega-population ( Rosenberg 2012 ) .

Although China has big population. China besides has the labour crisis: excessively low birthrate rate. With mention to The Economist ( 2011 ) the new figures which was made few old ages ago. it said ‘China is enduring from the low birth rate. ’ ; Harmonizing to the nose count study released in 2010 which based on the national broad figures. showed there is a considerable diminution in the mean one-year population growing rate. down to 0. 57 % from 2000-2010 which was half the rate of 1. 7 % in the old decennary. It can be predicted that one- kid policy could stabilise the population growing in the hereafter ( Economist 2011 ) . Unless. Australia besides face the ageing population issue. harmonizing to the Living Ethics ( 2010 ) . it predicted that Australia is confronting the labour crisis: the proportion of over 65 people will more than 20 % in 2050 meanwhile the birth rate has well decreased over last 50 old ages ( Brown 2011 ) .

Fortunately. most of migrators in Australia are in the on the job age. There are 70 % of migrators are skilled who was consumption in 2010 ( Brown 2011 ) . It seems the labour issue is cut downing in Australia ( Brown 2011 ) . However. migrators are non sustainably alteration in Australian labor force because the in-migration plan is altering due to the status of the society and migrators could acquire ageing every bit good ( Brown 2011 ) .

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