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American actor. He became famous worldwide for the role-boxer in the movie “Rocky” (1976). He also starred in the films “First Blood” (1982), the series “Rambo” (since 1985). He wrote the scripts for all five films of the series “Rocky”, was the director of three of them.

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Acts in the role of strong passionate men.

On the day of its 50th anniversary, the editorial board of Star weekly presented Sylvester Stallone with the fruit of the many months of work of an entire team of reporters – a special issue of the magazine with names and photographs of 595 women the actor had ever met. “God, six hundred!” – exclaimed the astonished hero of the day. “And how did I manage to get so many women to bed?”

Indeed, who could have thought of this on July 6, 1946, when the firstborn was born to Jacqueline Stallone and her husband, shoemaker Frank. Obstetricians damaged his vocal cords, the left side of his face was paralyzed. Seeing what happened to her son, Jacqueline made such a fit that she even had to call the security service. She lost her milk from excitement.

But she was not going to give up. Contrary to the doctors who identified the boy in a special educational institution for children with mental retardation, Jacqueline Stallone sent the child to a regular school. Once every six months he was kicked out of there for poor progress. Several schools in America, a college in Switzerland – and she got her way. Stallone received a certificate of secondary education.

Before becoming an actor, he had to try many other professions. Sylvester was a bouncer in restaurants, a lion cell cleaner at the zoo, at one time he made a living by playing a card game. Only in 1969, Sylvester was able to get a more or less decent job as a ticketer in a small New York theater. A cute and simple girl Sasha Chuck worked with him, lighting the way for late viewers. She fell in love with Sylvester at first sight and firmly decided to make a star out of her friend. Soon they moved to California, where they got married in the summer of 1972. Sasha gave birth to two sons. Divorce did not stop Sylvester from seeing his children. When the elder, Sage, grew up, dad gave him a role in “Rocky V”.

The path to Hollywood for Stallone began with the filming of the pornographic film “Randy”, where he played … Russian “bear”. Since not one of the directors wanted to get involved with a badly speaking actor, he had to turn to a speech therapist for help. For several months, day and night, Sylvester was reading Shakespeare’s plays, books by Poe and Tolstoy on a tape recorder (and Sasha at that time earned a living working as a waitress). Acquaintance with the classics made such an impression on Stallon that he took up the pen and began to write … scripts for his future films. However, while still a student at Miami University, he tried to write scripts. Naturally, they were composed then “on the table.”

Once he saw on TV a match between the famous boxers Mohammed Ali and Chuck Wepner. And suddenly it dawned on him: why not make a film about a boxer who failed, but then fell in love with a girl and defeated everyone? The film studio “Universal” rejected six of its scenarios from the threshold, but the seventh under the name “Rocky” took with a bang. The producers offered the author huge money – 350 thousand dollars. However, a big surprise awaited them: having a little more than $ 100 and a pregnant wife, Stallone refused, offering to buy the script for one dollar and let him play a major role. It was then that the vice president of Universal was Irwin Winkler and gave Sylvester the nickname Sly (sly), replacing the actor with his own name.

In just 900 thousand dollars and 28 days, “Rocky” was made, the best film of 1976, which raised 225 million dollars and received three Oscars. Stallone became one of the most famous actors in the world.

The overwhelming success of “Rocky” and the continuation of the poor boxer saga completely changed the life of Stallone. From a poor man he turned into a multimillionaire, bought a luxury villa in Santa Monica. The audience and critics applauded him, and recognized Hollywood beauties began a real hunt for Rocky. The first to seduce Superman was the popular actress and singer Cher. After a three-day romance, Cher abandoned Sly, calling him “a complete pithecanthropus.”

However, with each new mistress, Stallone did better and better. A year later, the actress Sybil Shepard (familiar to us from the series “Moonlight”) had every reason to say about her meeting with Slay: “He just has a perpetual motion machine in his pants. We had sex with him eight times a night. And in the morning he no matter how what had gone jogging! “

The further development of the sex giant’s career was hindered by one circumstance – a jealous wife. Another in her place would have reconciled with the adventures of a rich and famous husband, but not Sasha. And in Hollywood, rumors began to spread about strife and scandals in the Stallone family. And when at one party Sasha with fists attacked Slay’s new girlfriend – actress Stephanie Beach, everyone understood: the marriage was over.

“Rocky” went to a stranger fashion model Brigitte Nielsen. The long-legged and busty Brigitte won the heart of Stallone at first sight. “Since childhood, I dreamed of making love with a tall blonde. Brigitte seemed to me the embodiment of physical perfection!” – said Stallone. And just four months after they met, they played a magnificent wedding. True, this was preceded by the conclusion of a very curious prenuptial agreement, initiated by the bride. According to the document, Sly pledged to pay his wife 100 thousand dollars a month, plus ten thousand … for each sexual intercourse! The contract provided that spouses should make love no more than five times a week in specially designated places and poses. In the event of pregnancy, Brigitte received a premium of $ 5 million. And the actor undertook to film his spouse in all films, paying at the highest rate. Sylvester lived with Brigitte for only 548 days and broke up with the scandal. And the love of physical perfection cost Stallone a tidy sum – $ 16 million.

After two unsuccessful marriages, Sylvester Stallone decided to never marry again (“Marriage – wasted money”) and not meet with actresses (“These bitch only want money and roles from me”). Their place was taken by young and slender fashion models.

He chose his new girlfriends in two ways. First: opened the catalog of Elite models and poked a finger at the first photo that turned up. And the press secretary could only reach the girl and make happy the news that Stallone himself wants to have dinner with her. Second: Sly did the organizational work himself. Seeing a pretty model (no less than 175 cm tall with a bust from 85), the actor immediately pinched her into a corner and offered: “Come to me or to you! Anywhere, just quick!” Usually the method worked flawlessly – the chosen “victim” with great joy went to bed with a movie star. According to Star, in just one 1988, Sly managed to seduce 88 fashion models from the world-famous agency Elite, including young Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell …

Interestingly describes the details of his affair with Stallone 20-year-old daughter of the Austrian count fashion model Andrea Wieser.

After their first night, Sly gave Andrea a platinum credit card ($ 2 million): “This is so that you never work.” After each meeting, he gave her either a dress from Versace for 30-35 thousand dollars, or a suit from Chanel (from 45 thousand or more), or panties from Cartier (50 thousand). And on the two-month anniversary of living together he gave his girlfriend a five-hundredth Mercedes. “So you, Vava, never ride this otherwise, smelly subway!” (He called all constant mistresses a Vavoi. For girls, he has another word for one night: baby).

However, Andrea had to pay for the golden rain. As soon as she went to another city, Sly began to annoy her friend with calls. At night, I called 10 times: “With whom are you lying in bed now?” When Andrea left the house, she was constantly accompanied by two bodyguards who followed her even to the toilet. Stallone got to the point that he began to control the cosmetics and clothes of his mistress.

A week before their relationship ended, Sly bought Andrea a huge apartment in Milan. When the model tried to protest, Stallone said: “Vava – you are just a fool! I am so rich that I can buy all nights with you until the end of your days!” Andrea Wieser claimed that this is the secret to Sly’s success: “He just buys the women he likes, no one can resist such money!”

In the spring of 1990, Stallone met a young fashion model Jennifer Flavin. She struck him with beauty, she felt the real breed. In addition, Jennifer, as it turned out, was in love with the actor. And while studying, she mailed 44 declarations of love to her idol. Madly in love with Stallon, Flavin surrendered to him an hour after meeting.

At first, Sly reacted to Jennifer as just another girlfriend. But time passed, and Stallone began to realize that he could not leave Flavin like the rest: “I first met a woman who loves me so much and selflessly. And I realized: we are made for each other!” Jennifer turned out to be a real angel: she did not ask for money every minute, eagerly refused fashion shows for dating her beloved and, most importantly, was not at all jealous of Sylvester, although there were many reasons for this. After two years of living together with Jennifer Stallone again began to look for love adventures. Only this time he had fun secretly, not wanting to injure his angel.

With Jennifer Stallone lived for almost six years. Until he started an affair with actress and fashion model Janice Dickinson. She was thirty-seventh, and she was divorced three times. A few weeks later, Janice pleased her friend with the news of her pregnancy. Sly, distraught with happiness (“I will be a father again!”), Even promised to marry her after the birth of a child. But Jennifer still remained, and Stallone decided to part with her. Instead of explanations, he sent her a fax: “Jennifer! It’s all over between us, now I have a new woman who will give me a son. I wish you happiness!” And the note: “You have two days to take all the things out of my house in Santa Monica.”

On June 5, 1994, the day after receiving the fax, Flavin left Stallone’s villa, having previously cut all 234 suits, 567 shirts and 124 pairs of shoes of her former lover. Thus began, by the definition of Sly, “the craziest year of his life.” Soon, Dickinson gave birth to a daughter and gently but persistently demanded from Sly her adoption and wedding. Stallone was ready, but the actor’s lawyers intervened in the case, who decided just in case (given the “biography” of Miss Dickinson) to conduct a blood test of the baby. And it turned out that anyone could be the father of the child, but not Sly. Stallone survived the shock. Janice proudly withdrew, muttering under her breath in surprise: “Well, I don’t know, if not Sly, then whose child is this?” Two weeks after the break with Dickinson, Stallone saw in the company of a new beauty – 24-year-old fashion model Angie Eberhart. The affair with Sylvester was marked by an engagement in New York on April 10, 1995.

A week after the engagement, Angie ordered from Karl Lagerfeld a wedding dress for the price of 300 thousand dollars (of course, at the expense of the groom). And then she made a fatal mistake, demanding the conclusion of a marriage contract. Sly remembered all the twists and turns of marriage with the hated Brigitte Nielsen and … changed his mind about getting married.

Stallone decided to take a break and remembered the one with which he was truly happy. On June 5, 1995, he called Jennifer Flavin to ask the young woman for forgiveness. And soon the fashion model returned to the villa in Santa Monica. And six months later, the happy Sylvester announced to the world that he would soon become a father. To celebrate, he made a proposal to Jennifer, but failed to quickly get married. It prevented … the pope, who did not want to provide the Sistine Chapel for the ceremony in the Vatican (only there he wanted to get married Sly!). Therefore, the wedding date had to be postponed to the end of the year, after the baby is born.

How important is the family for a man, Sly felt only recently, when he had a daughter. Sophie was diagnosed with a heart defect, and at the age of two months she underwent surgery. It was scary to look at Stallon: he believed that his daughter’s illness was God’s punishment for all his sins. After the operation, he did not leave her. His feelings for Flavin entered a phase of reverence. “I am happy that Jennifer, despite our quarrels and my insanities, has stayed with me. She is a strong, calm woman. She speaks a little, but always – in essence. She is more attentive and probably smarter than me,” Stallone said about his beloved a woman who is 20 years younger than him. In the eyes of millions of Americans, Sly now appears as an exemplary husband and loving father.

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