“Evil Empire” – President Ronald Regan (1983) Essay Sample

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1. How does he set up credibleness?

President Ronald Regan established his credibleness of his 1983 address to the National Association of Evangelicals by first. being who he was he was. President Ronald Regan was the fortieth president of the United States of America from 1981-1989 who held a cardinal scriptural worldview. which was evident of his cognition and cardinal footings he used during this address.

He had perceived competency in his cognition of the subjects. Second. he besides had a concern for the audience in that Regan’s “dialogue took into history the public assistance of the audience…” ( Alban. 2011. 2012. p. 809 ) President Regan had dynamism ; he appeared “lively. active. vigorous. and vibrant” ( p. 810 ) . Finally. he showed an ethical criterion towards his audience by his anterior strong beliefs and stance on scriptural values in upholding and subscribing legislatives advancing scriptural value that his audience understood and shared.

2. How does he look to set up character in the eyes of his audience? Ronald Regan established character in the eyes of his audience by his moral and ethical criterions. He appears to be truly caring. trustworthy. respectful. and just. It’s non who he is that physiques character – it’s what he has done. Actions are louder than words. but words alongside of actions are a basis of what character is. 3. Would you depict this address as magnetic? Why?

Yes. President Regan’s address is magnetic because it had the ability to pull the attending of his audience in a manner that brought his hearers to the centre of his message. His message was magnetic it pulled the audience towards his address in an enthusiastic manner. Ronald Regan’s personal assurance degree had purpose. He was able to convey his audience to their pess by pick diction and by the personal appeal he had ; non merely in this 1983 address to the National Association of Evangelicals. but in all of his addresss and personal life every bit good.

4. Which types of entreaties does he use to back up his point? President Ronald Regan entreaties to his audience to back up his point by utilizing for case. emotional entreaty. ethical entreaty and logical entreaty. Emotional entreaty was used to stir the emotions of the audience. Emotional entreaty ( poignancy ) was used to carry and convey intending more closely to place.

Regan’s narratives he used during this address connected his audience with him by conveying him at the same degree as his audience. Using wit added strength in linking emotionally. Emotional entreaty is used to alter heads and convey about action ( p. 812 ) . Ethical entreaty ( ethos ) as stated above was used when the President established his credibleness. Finally. logical entreaty ( logos ) was used by giving factual information. such as the figure of kids aborted each twelvemonth.

5. In your ain words. what is his chief point or statement in this address? Interesting is the fact that the “Evil Empire” address that President Ronald Regan gave in 1983 to the National Association of Evangelicals was chiefly appealing to Christian values and godly moralss. The first 20 proceedingss of the 30 minute address was devoted and appealed towards scriptural and ethical values based on a Christian worldview. It was merely the last 10 proceedingss of his address that the chief point and statement was addressed. In his address. the chief point was on puting atomic missiles in Western Europe as a response to Russia puting their atomic missiles in Eastern Europe.

Alban. D. ( 2001-2012 ) . Speech communicating. ( p. 809-812 ) . Dubuque. Iowa: Kendall Hunt Publishing Company.

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