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The Shakespearian sonnet “First Poem for You” has an iambic pentameter and consistent rime strategy. Every other line represents a true rime – the concluding accented vowels and all wining consonants or syllables are indistinguishable. For illustration the words “complete” and “neat” ( Addonizio 1. 3 ) . Every line of the verse form has a basic stressed and unstressed syllable format. except the last line. The extension of the last line “but touch them. trying” implements a longer emphasis ( 14 ) . I believe this has definite significance to the construction of the verse form.

In add-on. the concluding poetry of the verse form is the longest line. In relation to the word “trying” . I believe that the longer emphasis and length in the concluding line of the verse form emphasizes the adult female go oning to repair the relationship with her fellow. The subject of the verse form is about love and desire. a adult female who cares for her fellow seeks to repair the brokenness in their relationship. The rubric of the verse form. “First Poem for You” . is simplistic and straightforward. However. it has direct significance and relation to the verse form. There is a adult female composing to her fellow about her feelings towards him.

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She likes to touch his tattoos. have sexual intercourse. yet she recognizes the hurting between them and provinces that “such permanency is terrifying” ( 13 ) . These disconnected feelings cause a tone of ambivalency – conflicting feelings toward a individual. She is touching the tattoos in complete darkness. which can assist the reader understand her desire for her fellow yet the shame or timidness that is shared every bit good. Most black Acts of the Apostless are done in the dark. Culture and society distinguish the pros of light vs. darkness.

This verse form does non straight reflect light vs. darkness ( good vs. vil ) . but I believe the negative intension the word darkness holds. transcends into this verse form. If she was touching her fellow in the visible radiation the verse form may hold a more optimistic temper. However. darkness is normally related to decease. hence holding a pessimistic temper. Furthermore. the intension of decease demonstrates a more in depth significance of poetry 11. “you’re seared to ashes” . This is a representation of the boyfriend’s decease. Possibly. he is burned alive. but I believe it refers more to him being cremated. Either intending the reader interprets. the author wants the reader to understand that the tattoos will stay until decease.

This is of import because I believe the lasting of the tattoos reflect the “until decease do apart” fondnesss the adult female has. This brings us back to the last phrase of the verse form. “but touch them. trying” . Despite the confusing feelings. the adult female wants to work through the relationship till the decease of one of them. Merely as the tattoos will stay till decease. so will her chase towards her fellow. The tattoos have many symbolic representations that help the reader understand the feelings the adult female has for her fellow.

Water and buoy uping are two words that have a symbolic significance for the verse form. “Lines of buoy uping pulsating merely above your mammilla. can happen. as if by inherent aptitude. the bluish whirl of H2O on your shoulder where a serpent turns. confronting a dragon” ( 4-7 ) . Though symbols can hold multiple significances. the tone and subject of the verse form helps to indicate out the particular intending behind the relationship. The girlfriend. of the cat with the tattoos. enjoys touching the tattoos when she is unable to see the cat. She knows by bosom merely where the lightening is pulsating.

In this instance. the lightening symbolizes power of love that has a pulsation. merely like a person’s pulse ; a round that can travel faster or slower depending on the state of affairs. It is natural for the adult female to cognize where every tattoo on the cat. merely like in a relationship. a individual may cognize every grade or cicatrix on the other’s organic structure. The adult female knows that merely above his shoulder are the bluish whirl of H2O. where the H2O is typifying that the fellow may be pure at bosom. The snake confronting the firedrake symbolizes the warrior in him. and it besides shows he has no fright against his enemies. When I pull you to me. until we’re spent and quiet on the sheets. I love to snog the images in your skin” ( Kennedy. 601 ) . means that she pulls him closer to her while they’re puting down and falling asleep. she expresses her love and attention for him until there’s no more clip left in the dark. until it’s all spent. To snog the images in his tegument merely means snoging his tattoos. “They’ll last until you’re seared to ashes ; whatever persists or turns to trouble between us. they will still be there” ( Kennedy. 601 ) . whatever persists…

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