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The ideal of a good and perfect life is to have a sound mind in a sound body. This is recognized by all as the best means of performing our duties. Body and mind should work at their best, and they cannot do unless both are in good order. The limbs must be supple, active and obedient to the will. The best way to keep the limbs fit is to exercise them in sports and games of physical skills and strength. This indeed is the importance of games, and there is no society which has its own special kinds of games.

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The proper end of games is bodily health and physical fitness. In the past, sports like hunting and fishing used to be mainly utilitarian in purpose. That is to say, men used to hunt in order to get food. But with the dawn of the Greek civilization, sports and games came to be looked upon as a means of building up the body beautiful. The famous Olympic Games, held every fourth year, were proof of importance given to sports and games. These have been revived from 1896, and are now held once in four years at various centres.

Sports and games have now come to stay in our civilization as an essential features of human activity, and their object is not merely fun, they also instill the spirit of discipline and team-work. Games like cricket, hockey and football are popular because of spirit of team work which they inspire. This is no doubt true. The discipline that is gained in playing up games is invaluable in later life. It makes for a life of co-operation and team work which could be used for building up a great society and a nation. Our young men and women should take active part in sports and games.

It is good that our educational institution encourage sports and games by organising matches and awarding prizes and trophies. The habit of taking part in games and sports is good in several ways. A part from making us strong, healthy and fit, it teaches us how to use our energy in the right way. But all good things sometimes become bad. This is a strange but the true fact about human activities. Sports and games should be so organised that they will not interfere with studies of our youth. Life is not all sports. They are only a part, though a very important part.

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