George and Lennie’s Relationship in Of Mice and Men Essay

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Of Mice and Men is a novelette centred on the deterrences of America during the depression in the 1930’s. The state known as ‘the land of chance. ’ is dismissed as it became disadvantaged and awkward. Many work forces were itinerant workers that travelled from spread to ranch looking for rewards that would be sufficient boulder clay they moved on. These types of work forces were the loneliest. with no company. It is this transeunt migrator life style which highlights the importance of the relationship between Lennie and George. a rareness among the other characters to be exact.

George and Lennie are an unusual bundle trade within the novel. From the get downing Steinbeck enforces the thought of a parent –child relationship. He distinctively sets the two apart as they ‘walked in individual file’ and ‘one stayed behind the other. ’ From first sight. a dynamic in their relationship is established. Although they are externally of the same category. George is still the one if forepart. uncovering himself as the leader. As the narrative progresses we can admit that George does non hold himself as superior to Lennie. it is merely his responsibility to command and steer Lennie who is mentally awkward and regarded as a ‘crazy bastard’ . We can decode from this that Lennie is in no form to take attention of him and necessitate George to assist him.

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Their relationship is non of a regular company. I regard it as a fraternal bond made over clip. Lennie’s nature is about childly ; Steinbeck describes the character in such a manner so that the readers perceive him to be incapable and dependent upon George ‘Lennie. who had been watching imitated George precisely. ’ Children frequently ‘imitate’ their defenders and some people may even believe this to be the manner of development of a individual. Lennie may necessitate George to make stableness for the hereafter but Lennie’s mimicry isn’t to merely suit in with the civilised universe. Steinbeck implies from the guiltless actions by Lennie. that he truly admires George.

Although it seems as though Lennie is dependent on George. this is non the instance. I believe that George. a stoic adult male enjoys the company of Lennie ; nevertheless a load he may look. Steinbeck uses the nuance of George who merely confides in Slim to picture the pride he has of Lennie ‘he’s dumb as snake pit. but he ain’t brainsick. ’ George at times creates a softer tone of voice when speaking about Lennie. The blessing of Slim from George’s regards ensures the reader that George truly likes Lennie. George himself refers to ranch work forces as being the ‘loneliest cats in the universe. ’ We can presume that deep down George is afraid of this go oning to him. and losing Lennie. No uncertainty this would’ve have crossed his head due to Lennie acquiring in problem all the clip. His fright is turning ‘mean’ by going lonely ; he is after all comfy with Lennie. being with him for most his short life.

Together they both hold the aspiration of achieving the ‘American dream’ common to many work forces at the clip to hold a piece of their ain land. This dream is what fuels both Lennie and George to travel on. Lennie is set on ‘tending rabbits’ while George could hold more freedom in general. Steinbeck places importance on these two and dream. while we believe they will be successful as the narrative develops. ‘With us it ain’t like that. We got a hereafter. ’ Steinbeck reveals a dateless definition of friendly relationship. Person who listens and that attentions for you. They are reliant upon each other. as even though George conducts the ‘dream’ address. Lennie has besides memorised this dream. possibly in hope it will convey them closer to it.

Their friendly relationship is natural. for George it had ever been a promise to care for Lennie. but they merely bonded over clip. George even admits this ‘got kinda used to each other after a small piece. ’ He doesn’t depict it in abstract footings nor does he give any justifications. It is this simple statement that proves the relationship to a natural class. But we can still hold this is singular for them to be so close. in such a universe where work forces do non make this.

The calamity of Lennie deceasing high spots the importance of the relationship. George who shot him in an act of compassion showed clemency and attention. The tenseness Steinbeck builds in the last chapter. shows how overwrought and vulnerable George become and alleviating Lennie of anguish and hurting to come. ‘George shivered and looked at the gun’ as the tough facade of George breaks we see his emotions and his brooding actions which suggest he had valued the relationship. besides jumping to mind the fact that their dream is destroyed and will ne’er be achieved. This is truly the flood tide of the relationship where Steinbeck reveals feelings in the relationship.

Steinbeck uses the ideas and wonder of other characters such as Slim and the bitter. revenging side of Curley to portray the relationship between Lennie and George. The support George had given Lennie from the clip he was in a battle with Curley to when he kills his married woman. shows the kineticss and security of the relationship. George would ever look out for Lennie. as Lennie would ever be protective over George. Their relationship is polar and underlines the chief subject of friendly relationship in the novel. which led to Steinbeck concentrating so much on the friendly relationship of the two work forces. The readers are cognizant from the beginning that this relationship is powerful and meaningful although this is non ever depicted.

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