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George Clooney was born May 6, 1961 in Lexington, Kentucky, in a family of people whose life was closely connected with the scene. His father, a well-known television presenter, led his own “Nick Clooney Show.” George often took part in this talk show from the age of five, then starred in various commercials, but he failed to gain a foothold in this business.

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In general, as a teenager, George wanted to become a professional baseball player – he played for the Cincinnati Reds team at one time, but he did not succeed in this field and soon left the sport.

When George grew up a little, the constant comparison with his father began to annoy him and the career of Clooney the television journalist ended there.

He entered the University of Northern Kentucky, where he walked and had more fun than he studied, remaining 3 times in his first year. After studying there for several years, Clooney got a small role in the film of his cousin Miguel Ferrer. The film never appeared on the screens, but Miguel suggested that Clooney move to Los Angeles and professionally pursue an acting career.

Having earned some money, then selling shoes and cigarettes, then doing various other work, he went to Los Angeles to conquer Hollywood producers. All of 1982, Clooney lived there. He spent the night in the bathroom with friends and tried to get at least some role. George constantly took part in trials, got roles in different series, most of which, however, were closed after the release of the first, so-called “pilot” series. In parallel, George got secondary roles in all sorts of low-budget weak films such as “Return of the Killer Tomatoes” / 1988 /.

Finally, luck smiled at him. Clooney considers his first serious film a collaboration with Charlie Sheen. Although the picture did not appear on the screens, but it made it possible for Clooney to establish relations with the producers.

True fame came to George Clooney along with work in one of the most popular series – “Ambulance” (1994). In this film, dedicated to the workdays of one of Chicago’s city hospitals, Clooney played Doug Ross, an uncontrollable, risky, and temperamental pediatrician. The hero of Clooney constantly violated the strict rules of separation, putting the benefit of patients on top of the regulations. For the role of Doug Ross, Clooney was nominated for all the major television awards in America.

The next step on the path to success for Clooney was the film of cult director Robert Rodriguez, “From Dusk Till Dawn.” In this picture, Clooney demonstrated his ability to play not only the defenders of children and women, but also unprincipled villains. Rodriguez has the hero Clooney – the loving brother of a maniac, a ruthless criminal who escaped from prison. Thanks to this tape, Clooney managed to get rid of the image of the noble doctor Ross, who was pretty tired of him, and to win the sympathy of fashionable youth of the 90s.

Offers simply rained down on him, and now he chooses the scenarios himself, and he is ready to tear the competitors apart for the sake of the opportunity to play the role he likes. Together with Jennifer Lopez, he starred in the movie “Out of Sight”, where he played a charming robber, which no beauty can resist, even if she is a federal agent. Another Clooney’s painting, The Thin Red Line, on which he worked with Woody Harelson, John Travolta and Sean Penn, is the undoubted success of the producers and creators. The picture was released simultaneously with Stephen Spielberg’s blockbuster Save the Private Ryan, but wasn’t lost on the background of massive advertising and huge estimates, although both films are about the same thing: blood, dirt and the death of World War II.

In The Three Kings, Clooney played a brave American infantryman looking for Kuwaiti gold stolen by Saddam during the Gulf War. Before him, Mel Gibson and Nicolas Cage tried on the same role. Now Clooney can afford to choose: the current level of his fees does not fall below $ 10 million. In addition, since the late 90’s. Clooney tries to do production and writes scripts. His debut in a new quality was the television movie “Kilroy” (1999).
The personal life of the actor, like his career, was quite stormy. He met for a long time with actress Kelly Preston, with his sister Jody Foster – Didi, with Denise Crosby, Kimberly Russell … 18 months his marriage with actress Talia Balzam lasted, they broke up in 1992 …

In 1996, Reorle magazine named Clooney among the 50 “most beautiful men in the world,” and in 1997, “the sexiest man in the world living” and “the best-dressed TV star.” But little is known about the personal life of the sex symbol and star of George Clooney. The actor does not like to talk about his hobbies, very convincingly motivating this with the fact that “if you advertise your personal life, it ceases to be personal.” Clooney says she will never marry, but actresses Michelle Pfeiffer and Nicole Kidman argued for $ 10 thousand that he would become a father before he turned 40. Clooney with Denise Crosby, Kelly Preston and Michelle Pfeiffer were relished in the secular chronicle.

1994-1999 – Ambulance (ER), television series, Dr. Doug Ross
1996 – From Dusk Till Down (From Dusk Till Down), Seth Gekko
1996 – One Fine Day, Jack Taylor
1997 – “Batman & Robin” (Batman & Robin), Batman / Bruce Wayne
1997 – The Peacemaker, Thomas Devow
1998 – Out of Sight, Jack Foley
1998 – The Thin Red Line, Captain Charles Bosch
1999 – “South Park: Bigger, Longer and Banknotes” (anim.), Voice
1999 – The Three Kings (The Three Kings), Archie Gates
2000 – The Perfect Storm, Captain Billy Mystery
2000 – “Oh brother, where are you?” (O Brother, Where Art Thou?), Ulysses Everett McGill
1999 – Kilroy, also a screenwriter

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