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More frequently than non when comparing two characters. whether one be existent and the other fictional. we come up with both similarities and differences between them. Seldom nevertheless do these similarities and differences between a fictional character and a individual from the existent universe become so glowering that such comparing consequentially supply a significant realisation. One of such seldom instance is the comparing of George W. Bush and Darth Vader. This paper will venture on comparing both characters and at the terminal provide a realisation of such comparing.

The two mentioned personalities need no debut hearing these names will instantly give us an image of them in our caputs. George W. Bush is the current president of the United States. Darth Vader on the other manus is the popular character in the Star Wars films. On first case it may look that a comparing between these two personalities is absurd. This paper nevertheless will demo us that such comparing is non without realisation. It is submitted that on rare occasions apparently fiddling things such as comparing of Bush and Vader can in fact provide us with a realisation far better than any other construct we have.

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To sketch this paper will continue on first emphasizing the similarities of both characters. so continue with its differences and finally province the realisations made through the decision Their Similarities Leaders The most obvious similarity between Vader and Bush is that they are both leaders. Leaderships in their ain regard Bush lead a state and Vader leads an ground forces. More deserving noting in this similarity is non merely the fact that both are leaders but the fact that both have the same manner of taking. Vader and Bush exercise an attitude of strength in leading that they do non believe of casualties they nevertheless have the terminal in head.

Like the war in Iraq started by George W. Bush he was fearless in continuing with such war even if he knew what it would be. His evaluations of popularity went down and the economic system of his state went down with it. Whenever one comes to war necessarily lives are put on the line. Bush was non hesitating in outing immature military soldier’s lives on the line in order for him to accomplish his end and win his war on Iraq. The same political orientation is shared by Darth Vader. Darth Vader ever has a end or a mission to carry through. The ruthless usage of his ground forces to accomplish his directives are clearly gleaned within his personality.

In this type of taking we find the similarity between George W. Bush and Darth Vader. They both seem to portion the political orientation that doing forfeits in order to accomplish a end is necessary. They besides have arrant neglect for the cost and the effects every bit long as they achieve this end this is their manner of taking. This is the sort of taking we see in the Star Wars Movies by Darth Vader and the sort of taking we see in America by George W. Bush. It is hence submitted that because they have the same sort of political orientation of leading the consequence of their leading hypothetically are the same.

The terminal of Darth Vader has already been seen this type of leading resulted in failure. The present disposal of Bush has non yet ended but the apparent similarity of leading political orientation with Darth Vader can supply us with a sensible decision that the disposal of Bush will stop in failure. The Saga Journal as cogent evidence of Vader’s leading provides: “George Lucas has succeeded in making one of the greatest prophylactic narratives for the aspirant leader in his portraiture of Darth Vader’s lay waste toing reign of panic.

Darth Vader embodies traits that make most modern-day leading bookmans cringe. ” ( Cited in: Michelle Drum. The Saga Journal ) Perceived as Villains Another similarity between these two personalities is that many of us perceive them as scoundrels. Villains in their ain right bulk of the people see both George W. Bush and Darth Vader as scoundrels. Darth Vader really much like George W. Bush were non ever perceived as Villains. They were foremost considered as heroes. George W. Bush could non hold been president if the people did non believe of him as a hero.

He won the election two times. This is merely proof that before George W. Bush was perceived as a scoundrel he was considered as a hero. The same is true for Darth Vader. Darth Vader was non instantly Darth Vader before his passage to such character. He was the immature and promising Anakin Skywalker his positions were moral and he had a good sense of justness. This nevertheless changed because of the fortunes as provided in the film. This lone means that sometimes the celebrated quotation mark in the batman film might be true sometimes we see ourselves a hero long plenty to go the scoundrel.

This is the similar circumstance of both Bush and Vader. In one of the articles of the National News it provided the perceptual experience of Bush being a scoundrel as it said: “According to an Associated Press-AOL News canvass. President Bush is both the figure one scoundrel and the figure one hero of 2006. ” ( cited in: Two Sided Coin for Bush: Villain and Hero By Cathy Gill ) Powerful The concluding similarity this paper will supply from all the similarities of these two characters is their power. There is no uncertainty that both George W. Bush and Darth Vader are really much powerful in every sense of the word.

George W. Bush being the President of the United States of America and Darth Vader being the leader of the imperial ground forces. Vader being perceived as powerful in an article in USA Today as it said “Not merely is Vader powerful. he’s sexy. says David Prowse. who appears as Vader in the first three movies and has made 1000s of visual aspects as Vader in costume. ” ( Cited in: Breathing Life into Vader by Mike Snider ) Their Differences Their Rise to Power Though it is granted that both George Bush and Darth Vader are powerful they nevertheless differ in the mode of their rise to power.

Darth Vader used pure beastly force in order to be the leader of the imperial ground forces. He had to tilt to the dark side in order to accomplish this end. George Bush on the other manus rose into power through the authorization of the American people. Bush rose into power because of his will and the will of the people. Darth Vader on the other manus had to seek and suppress this power by himself. This difference in their rise of power gives us an penetration on how they held this power. Darth Vader could keep his power until he wished to abandon it. Bush on the other manus is bound by the bounds of authorization given to him.

He can merely hold the power of being a head executive harmonizing to the period of clip given to him. This gives us an penetration on why Bush tries his best to remain in power while Vader needlessly and calmly enjoys his power. This is because Vader’s power is non bound by any bounds. Vader Quick on His Feet. Bush Not so Much Darth Vader even as a child known to be Anakin Skywalker has ever been speedy on his pess. His physiological reaction during his clip were comparable to no 1. Bush on the other manus has admitted that he might non be as speedy on his pess than most people.

This is reflected on the manner Darth Vader and President Bush makes determinations. Darth Vader is pitiless and speedy on doing determinations. President Bush has seemingly a considerable sum of thought clip before he can do a determination. This spells a really different consequence of their leading. Darth Vader being speedy on his pess can easy command his subsidiaries and they follow him without inquiry. The hold on the determination doing nevertheless of President Bush spells a different narrative because of such his subsidiaries may non follow him right off and might even oppugn his determinations.

Bush Democracy. Vader Dictatorship The most of import difference between these two personalities nevertheless lie in the fact that Bush leads through a democratic construction while Vader in every sense of the word is a dictator. This brings us to the inquiry which sort of construction is more effectual is it the democratic construction or the absolutism? Dictatorship brings obeisance. order and an unquestionable authorization. Democracy nevertheless gives freedom for every person. It is submitted that both constructions have their advantages and disadvantages.

It is further submitted nevertheless that governing a democratic construction like the undertaking of President Bush is much more hard than governing in a absolutism like Darth Vader. In an article in the LA Times President Bush advocated this democracy as the article said: “President Bush made good Thursday on his inaugural vow to force for democracy around the universe. ” ( Cited in: Bush Democracy Vows May Take Time to Bear Fruit by: Sonni Efron ) Conclusion The similarities and the differences between the two personalities holding been discussed we now proceed to the realisations this paper has to offer.

George Bush and Darth Vader are two really different personalities. In fact one lives in the existent universe while one finds being in a fictional film. They are both leaders. they are both powerful and they are both perceived by many as leaders. On the other manus they differ on their rise to power. adeptness in determinations and the construction where they lead. The most of import thing we have to recognize out of this comparing is the simple fact that Darth Vader’s narrative has already been told while George Bush’s narrative is still unraveling.

This lone means that we can larn from what happened to Darth Vader and needfully permeate it with the unraveling of the narrative of George Bush. This will give us a sensible decision on how George Bush’s narrative will stop. The relevancy of cognizing how George Bush’s narrative will stop is that if we are cognizant of the terminal so we can fix for this terminal that we foresee. Works Cited • Michelle Drum. The Saga Journal • Two Sided Coin for Bush: Villain and Hero By Cathy Gill. December 29. 2006 • Breathing Life into Vader by Mike Snider. April 22. 2005 • Bush Democracy Vows May Take Time to Bear Fruit by: Sonni Efron. February 25. 2005

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