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On the treatment board post your reply to the inquiries: “What is Hamlet ‘about’ ? ” and “What are its digesting subjects and messages? ” . Your response does non hold to be governed by the Values and Worldviews ( Dialectic ) attack taken through this unit. Confirm your ain thoughts with grounds from the drama. Don’t research. Construct on or rebut with ground the responses of two others.

What is Hamlet about?

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With cognition of the book from old research and really reading the drama itself in my sentiment. the drama “Hamlet” is about a troubled adult male traveling through really hard clip in his life after his male parent is murdered by his uncle which is now married to his female parent ( which would hold been his sister in jurisprudence ) . Hamlet throughout the drama seeks retaliation on Claudius for the slaying of Hamlet’s male parent.

What are its digesting subjects and messages?

The chief subject for Hamlet in my sentiment is revenge and lunacy. Hamlet seeks retaliation on Claudius for the slaying of his male parent. which is Hamlet’s mother’s late new hubby and has non known about the slaying of her late hubby. Madness is another common subject in the drama because Hamlet for some scenes make-believes to move huffy towards his comrades ( Act Two. Scene One ) or when he is really angry but negotiations to himself about his program to seek retaliation ( Act Four. Scene Four ) .

The message I got from the drama is that household is genuinely of import in life. Hamlet had a close father-son relationship so when he lost his male parent it was really traumatic for him. It is ever really difficult when you lose a loved one in your life but to happen out that he was murdered by your uncle? I am non surprised for how Hamlet reacted to everything that happened in his life. That is a batch for one individual to manage.

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