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In this world, school and college students need to do lot of hard work. In modern society, it has been controversial whether students of school and college should do lots of hard work. I basically agree this given statement because it is time for them to get education and make their career. Most of all, they can get more knowledge regarding their subject. It means that they can win competition and get prices and scholarships and so on.

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As a matter of fact, we can see that competition is everywhere, it maybe a t school, college or the work place. So students need to do more hard work because it will be helpful for them in many ways. Accordingly, it is a certainty that hard work is the key of success which is very essential for everyone to get a better perspective in life. In addition, it will be helpful to make their career in their chosen field because we do hard work to make our life easy and to get better perspectives.

Lastly, more work helps to increase the capacity of body and mind to work more and more which is beneficial to enhance knowledge and makes their mind more creative and sharp. To sum up, I would like to say that hard work is necessary for everybody. Student need to do hard work because it is a truth, time once has passed never comes again, student have this time to make their life better by doing hard work it is the golden period for them to make their future.

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