Health and Safety in the Child Care Environment Essay Sample

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Make sure when be aftering a safe environment you consider these chief points:
• Regular cheques for possible jeopardies
• Supervision
• Working as a squad
• Hygiene
• Make certain children’s demands are met

D2- List two physical and two wellness demands of kids from birth to 5 old ages

Physical demands:
• Food and imbibe
• Sleep and rest

Health demands:
• Appropriate vesture
• Hygiene and safety

D3- Describe two ways the single demands of babes and two ways the single demands of immature kids can be met

Baby’s demands are being met by being looked after and being given individualised attention. The puting provides everything the baby’s need i. e. if they are tired they are able to travel to kip on a mattress with a cover and pillow comfortably. This helps the babes and besides meets all of their demands.

Besides at the puting the baby’s room provides nutrient and drink by making this it allows the kids to hydrate and besides to assist them develop and hold a healthy diet.

Children need to do certain there in a unfertile and clean topographic point so they don’t pick up any bugs from the sources by the baby’s room being kept clean this allows the kids to be healthy and free from sources.

The baby’s room besides provides trim apparels for when a kid gets wet or has an accident this is a good manner for the baby’s room to run into the demands of kids as there self esteem will travel down if they have to remain in apparels they had an accident in.

D4- Describe two ways the practician can develop and keep relationships with households

The practician should hold a strong relationship with households. The staff needs to be able to pass on and happen out relevant information from parents. If a kid is non allowed to eat something for illustration dairy merchandises it’s up to the parents to state the staff other wise there kid could stop up really badly.

The staff besides need to recognize and do the parents feel welcome in the scene and should besides esteem them. If the child’s parents don’t feel welcome they may get down to inquire if that’s how at that place child feels and is being treated.

D5- Explain how the practician can work in a squad with co-workers to back up parents

Practitioners need to be able to work as portion of a squad. By them all working as a squad they create a happy working environment non merely for them but besides for the kids as good. This besides makes things acquire done faster and the kids have a more gratifying twenty-four hours.

D6-Explain how the practician can back up the protection of kids in the scene

Childs are protected in the scene by holding regular wellness cheques and besides guaranting that the nursery lets no aliens in. The baby’s room has a really unafraid safety system you can merely be let into the edifice if a member of staff bombilations you in you so have to strike hard on a door and person from the interior has to allow you in as the doors merely open from outside if you have a thob which merely staff members have. Every month the whole baby’s room gets checked and normally person from the outside comes in to look into the stoppers. visible radiations and fire dismaies. The staff besides makes certain that they follow all policies and processs to guarantee that they produce a safe environment.

D7- Give two grounds why practicians work with other professionals and bureaus

Other bureaus are normally bought N to assist and back up the kids. They besides provide more chances for illustration one time a constabulary adult male came into make a talk to the kids and showed them his chapeau and manus turnups and bought them all cardinal rings in. He besides chatted about constabulary and how they were at that place to assist in an exigency or if they of all time need aid. The constabulary adult male did non talk about 999 calls though as the kids may non understand and name the constabulary from a place phone the constabulary semen in one time a twelvemonth to make different confabs with the kids. When the kids get to primary school he will so travel in and chew the fat about 999 calls. Another bureau which will travel in to assist kids is a speech healer. address healers will travel into baby’s room and primary schools to seek aid kids develop the children’s address better and seek work out any jobs which they have. Normally the best manner to work with the kid is one on one as the kid will experience comfy and can loosen up ; it is besides easier for the practician as they can see clearly the demands of the kid

D8- Show apprehension of diverseness and inclusive pattern

In the baby’s room everyone is treated the same no affair what: age. coloring material. race. gender. gender or faith. It is of import for the baby’s room to demo they have an apprehension of diverseness and inclusive pattern. particularly as the child’s parents will desire to cognize that their kids are being treated right. The baby’s room has many policies on this and if any regulations are broken and person feels discriminated against the baby’s room director will do certain the staff are disciplined. Training on diverseness and inclusive pattern is provided so everyone is cognizant of the policies.

At the baby’s room many kids have single demands. Every kid deserves to be happy and looked after no affair what. If a kid is deaf in the scene. the staff will employee a individual who can subscribe so the kid has some communicating. Children can still pass on with the kid through facial looks. lip reading. authorship and directing electronic mails. The kid should non experience left out or exploited merely because they are deaf. The baby’s room will seek at that place best to run into the demands of the kid and do everyone feel comfy. The baby’s room will besides do kids of different linguistic communications fit in. They will seek communication and assist the kid learn English. They will besides change over English into their linguistic communication they speak to assist them understand. They will besides do certain they have a transcriber in one time a hebdomad.

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C1-Explain why the practician should enter and describe information in a professional mode

Practitioners should do certain that they record and report most things in the scene. They need to do certain that everything is confidential and no one finds out any private information about the kids.

It is of import for every child’s papers to be recorded and looked after safely. If a child’s booklet with all there background information is left out for another parent to see and that child’s parent is in prison for illustration. the parent might experience different about that kid cognizing that there parents are in prison. So staff should maintain files locked off in a filing cabinet in the staff room and merely certain members of staff are allowed a key.

Staff need to enter what the kids have eaten and played with during the twenty-four hours. This is of import information that parents need to no as if the kid has non truly eaten there tiffin and they ever finish it as they are ill. so it needs to be recorded as there parents may worry for illustration if there child says they have had no tiffin to there parents and the parents may experience that the baby’s room is pretermiting at that place child so the baby’s room demand to do certain they record and study.

The baby’s room besides needs to do certain when they do record and study they do it right. It is of import that the information is written officially and neatly. Because this information is so of import you need to do certain you no how to compose and spell decently. besides use right grammar as this information may be taken to tribunal if it needs to be. If it is written incorrect the baby’s room could be in a batch of problem merely as they can non read your authorship.

B1-Explain the issues which affect and support teamwork with parents

Teamwork is a really of import facet of a scene. Staff need to be able to work as a squad particularly when they are working with parents. Staff need to be at that place for non merely the kids but besides the parents to. It is of import that staff ever have clip for parents as most of the things parents tell you are really of import.

A parent will no how at that place kid is being treated by how they get treated. That’s why person should ever be available. for illustration if a parent needs to state a member of staff something in private and they say Lashkar-e-Taibas merely travel out in the corridor were all the other parents may be and people walking yesteryear may hear the parent will get down to free trust. The parent may get down to worry about at that place kid. For illustration if there child demands to state the practician something private. They may experience scared to in forepart of everyone and if the kid can non state it in private they may get down to keep back and get down to move otherwise. merely because a nursery nurse won’t take two proceedingss out for a private confab.

The Staff need to be able to give of positive vibraphones and besides necessitate to be able to do certain the parents feel valued and respected. It is of import for staff to besides affect parents for illustration they make certain intelligence letters go out every month so parents no what is traveling on they besides make certain that one time a month parents go in to speak about the advancement and concerns about the kids. This is one to one clip between the parent room leader and the child’s cardinal worker this is besides the clip for parents to speak about any concerns they have and how to work out them.

When covering with kids at that place needs to be tonss of communicating between the kid. cardinal worker. parent and other staff. They besides need to get the better of any barriers of communicating by pass oning every clip they see a parent and doing certain they are comfy with go forthing at that place child at that place.

B2-Discuss the function of the cardinal worker in sharing attention with parents and households in an early old ages puting

The Key worker is person kids and parents can both rely on. They need to be able to swear at that place cardinal worker there no point holding a cardinal worker who goes and tells other parents about what jobs other parents are holding. They need person they trust and trust around there kid.

Cardinal workers are at that place to back up the kids this is besides an of import function for the parents. They portion duties for the kid by the cardinal workers holding the kid some of the clip and there parents others. Cardinal workers make certain they meet with parents at least every month this is a really of import portion of the cardinal worker system. As if there are alterations with the chid at place or in a baby’s room the cardinal worker will necessitate to no and besides will so rear.

Cardinal workers have booklets for every kid that they are the cardinal worker for. Key workers need to do certain that after every one to one they record how the kid has been and what they have improved on these files are kept by the child’s nog as it is easy for the parents to see and see there files.

Once a twelvemonth Key workers do a place visit to the child’s place this is of import in sharing functions as one time a month parents come to the baby’s room.

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