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Ans The function of Modern Technology and Science is increasing and has major impact on daily lives of today’s people. as it will in the hereafter. One manner or another. promotions in Science and Technology are impacting people all around the universe. in New York and in an unknown topographic point in Africa. Technology affects people’s lives by bettering medical specialties. provides better intervention for diseases and insures a longer life. It improves transit by assisting people move from one corner of the universe to other in hours by utilizing transit services such as Airways. Railways. or even Bus Transportation.

Modern Technology changed people’s life style and the manner they live. For illustration. now it’s possible to surf Internet on Television. ticker plans. hesitate Live Television. and even playback live shows. Internet surfboarding is a engineering revolution. Because of that engineering. a individual could cognize what is go oning on the other side of the universe. chat with others about different affairs and even speak utilizing Instant Messaging Services. Watching Television on computing machines excessively is possible. Due to Internet. it is now possible to state that the universe is at your fingertips.

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Recent finds and scientific discoveries such as Cracking the Deoxyribonucleic acid codification and Maping the Genome may wholly alter the manner people look even before they are born. Parents can alter colour of their unborn son’s oculus from bluish. black or brown. Diseases that are passed through coevalss. like diabetes. chronic diseases may be eliminated from the unborn kid. Such alterations will make a kid who is disease free and wholly immune from universe diseases. This might be helpful. as people would be healthier than earlier.

Due to familial change it possibly possible to widen human life anticipation. therefore an mean individual may perchance populate up to 150 old ages healthily. These are few and best illustrations that Modern Technology and Science have greater impact on Human existences and the Earth than anything else world has done before. Even though with these many Scientific and Technological promotions. there are immense backgrounds and disadvantages. Scientific and Technological promotions are bettering our manner of life. but in this conquering of cognition. this promotion is aching the Earth and besides moving in a negative manner people live.

Development of Nuclear Arsenals is one such illustration. which could earnestly harm Earth’s environment. Chernobyl blast is the best illustration of how these Nuclear Plants could take to decease of 1000000s of lives now and in the hereafter. Use of chemical and destructive arms might one twenty-four hours convey the universe to a dead terminal where there is no more humanity because of people’s pursuit for cognition. Other affairs of concern are uninterrupted usage of limited resources such as oil and coal. and increase in pollution in atmosphere due to these minerals. Therefore. Scientific Promotions may besides do the universe worse.

If after 10 old ages. Familial Mutant is made possible to widen life anticipation. people will populate longer and decease rate will diminish therefore making a serious job where more resources will devour and take to eventual devastation of woods and natural home grounds to do manner for people. Therefore. Scientific and Technological promotion is non ever good even if it is doing the lives of people better and their lives healthier. It is besides doing societal status and Earth’s environment worse. In decision. Modern Technology has great impact on our daily life and besides shapes our hereafter.

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