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Axia College Material Appendix A Final Project Overview and Timeline Final Project Overview You will select a human services target population and a specific issue or problem related to that population to research in Week Two. Throughout the course, you will examine this population and issue from a variety of perspectives, such as theory, ethics, policy, government regulations and standards, and prevention measures. For your final project, you will prepare a 13- to 17-slide PowerPoint® presentation with speaker notes reflecting the knowledge you gained from your research in this course.

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Prepare an introduction and conclusion slide along with two to three slides that briefly describe the issue and target population you researched in this course and summarize the outcomes of your research. Be sure to address the following guiding questions in your presentation: •From what you have learned in this course and your research results, what are your greatest concerns about the current state of the human service industry? Prepare two to three slides. Considering all of the conflicts, issues, and challenges you analyzed and discussed in this course, explain your viewpoint regarding the ideology that human service workers should be “advocates for social justice” (p. 336, Ch. 9). Prepare two to three slides. •Has your view changed since the beginning of the course regarding the role of the human service worker in relation to the future needs of America? Prepare two to three slides. •How will you apply the knowledge you gained from this course to your future human service career?

Prepare two to three slides. As you respond to these questions, reference the research and data you collected from your assignments and explain what you learned from the research in relation to the topics discussed in the course. Final Project Timeline Some CheckPoints and assignments in the course were designed to assist you in creating your final presentation. As you work on these assignments, consider how you can apply the research and data you collected for this course to your future career.

This will help you with developing sufficient material to support your final commentary and will also help you with defining the scope of the paper. When you complete the final project, you will have gained experience with the process of research gathering and decision making that many human service workers employ every day in their careers. •Suggested in Week One: Read Final Project Overview and Final Project Timeline in Appendix A. •Due in Week Two: Choose your target population and complete the Week Two CheckPoint and assignment. Due in Week Four: Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper about the government regulations and standards that may impact your chosen population and issue. •Due in Week Five: Defend a community program or service that you feel needs more public or government support and outline strategies to advocate for this service. •Due in Week Six: Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper about a prevention strategy that is applicable to your chosen population and issue. •Due in Week Nine: Submit your final project.

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