Human consumption: and its effect on the environment Essay

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The environment is a really of import in human being as it is fundamentally all that surrounds us. Our environment is a complex phenomenon that consists of the clime. geographics and other natural resources in the environment. The human life fundamentally depends on healthy green goods and the balanced environmental conditions. The environment nevertheless could impact worlds physically spiritually and culturally. In today’s of all time turning society. it is of import that we take attention of our environment in order to hold a healthy and balanced environment. Worlds are known to entirely depend on earth’s resources such as ; oil. woods. H2O. energy and others. These resources nevertheless. acquire limited in clip and worlds are known to mostly devour them.

There are some negative and positive effects on the environment caused by worlds. In footings of negative effects. the depletion of the ozone bed. pollution and overconsumption are some illustrations of how worlds affect the environment. However. there are some positive effects which benefits the environment such as—conservation of wild life. The environment today. has been affected by assorted factors. which benefits the environment and negative factors. which damage the environment and cause terrible harm to it. Several treatments have been made on human ingestions and what effects they have on the environment.

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This essay will be set in three parts that will measure human ingestion and the assorted ways in which it affects the environment. The first portion of the essay will concentrate on the negative and positive effects human ingestion has on the environment and secondly this essay will discourse over ingestion of natural resources. and thirdly this essay will turn to assorted solutions in which to turn to this job and assist the environment and all of earth’s resources to give a more balanced and fitter environment.


As mentioned earlier. there are many ways in which the environment is affected negatively by worlds. One of these ways is through pollution. Pollution is fundamentally regarded as unwanted substances that are harmful and polluting the environment. Pollution is a really of import issue when turn toing the environments and its factors. There are assorted types of pollution. such as ; air pollution. H2O pollution. land pollution and others. Air pollution is when there are unwanted. harmful substances in the air which have toxicant effects. These substances are really unsafe and when ingested could do diseases such as malignant neoplastic disease and bronchitis. which are lifelessly to both adult male and animate beings likewise. “Pollutants are harmful chemical or physical substances released into the ambiance. a H2O beginning. the dirt or a constituent of the biosphere” ( Saier. 2006:205 ) Atom pollutants when released in the air are really deadly. and could do terrible harm to the human organic structure.

Air pollution does non merely affect worlds but it besides affects the environment. for illustration. the depletion of the ozone bed is caused by harmful toxins that are released into the air. Water pollution nevertheless. is the taint of H2O organic structures in the ecosystem such as rivers. lakes. oceans and others. This largely occurs. when pollutants are released into the H2O organic structures and this could be really unsafe to adult male. animate beings and other life animals in the environment. Water much like air. is really needed in other for the environment to be balanced. Another illustration of pollution is land pollution which is the deposition of solid or liquid waste stuff on land. This is besides really harmful to the environment. particularly when the refuse disposed is non separated into re-usable and reclaimable waste.

Lands that are contaminated as a consequence of pollution are known to be really debatable to the human respiratory system. Pollution is a really serious affair that needs to be taken into farther considerations. particularly since it is done largely by worlds. There is no inquiry that worlds are incapable of destructing the environment and although a batch has changed in the coevals. much has non. Worlds still contaminate their air. H2O supplies and land by disposing risky stuffs and thereby destructing natural home grounds.

It is of import we take the affair of pollution earnestly and decently take attention of our environment. because we still continue to dwell the Earth at an increasing rate. ( Pierce et al. . 1998 ) There besides some positive factors of human’s in our environment. These positive effects are really good to the environment as it decently sets it in balance. One of the ways in which worlds are impacting the environment positively is by protecting endangered species. About most endangered species are now being bred in protective countries. Speciess such as the Chinese elephantine coon bear is an illustration of endangered species that are carefully being bred in protective countries to maintain them from traveling to extinct.


Overconsumption of natural resources has become a turning tendency. particularly in the industrialised states. Overconsumption which is the act of utilizing something to the surplus is largely done in western industrialized states. “The necessity of forestalling environmentally interrupting effects of flush ingestion in modern industrial societies has been late addressed in a huge organic structure of literature on ‘sustainable consumption’” ( Cogoy. 2010:460 ) Natural resources such as stuffs. H2O and energy are really indispensable in the environment because they are the footing of our being on Earth. These resources are bit by bit diminishing due to humans’ changeless ingestion of these resources. Our clime is altering. species are going nonextant. fish and woods are shriveling due to the amendss that are imposed on our environment by worlds. “ . . Overconsumption of natural resources is portrayed as a major menace to the sustainability of the world’s environmental systems. ” ( Brown et al. . 2000 ) .

Overconsumption which is regarded as the inordinate used of goods and services is perceived as a agency of personal felicity. position and success. However. in an environmental context. it is the inordinate usage of natural resources. It is known that worlds today infusion and utilize more 50 % more natural resources than merely 30 old ages ago. This ingestion from worlds. is a manner of seeking to draw a bead on to accomplish felicity through the usage of goods produced from stuffs that are deemed “plentiful” and resourceful. ( The European Environment [ SOER ] . 2010 ) .

There are ways in which we can avoid over ingestion of natural resources in order to go on to boom on Earth. These ways include ; altering our life styles and doing it more sustainable so that we are able to protect our ecosystem and natural resources. It is of import we characterize the job of overconsumption and get down a argument about resource usage and its environmental impacts around the universe. If worlds were to continually devour resources prodigally. in order to follow self-interested motivations. so natural resources in the environment would be reduced and future ingestion will be undermined and resources are really likely to slowly deplete.


Asserting that “human influence on the planet has increased faster than human population. ” Joel Cohen elaborated on the construct of human transporting capacity. Though transporting capacity is finally determined by natural restraints. Cohen stressed the function of human picks about life style and ingestion in finding how many people the Earth can prolong within those restraints. Stressing the function of economic sciences. Donald Ludwig contended that the existent job with human population growing is non biological. but social. Ludwig asserted that a cardinal struggle exists between economic sciences and ecology ; economic experts believe growing to be indispensable. taking to increased ingestion. while ecologists say growing is inherently limited.

Reaffirming Ludwig’s sentiment about the importance of economic sciences. William Rees introduced the construct of the ecological footmark. a theoretical account that puts the economic system inside the ecosphere. per se enforcing bounds on growing based on handiness of resources. The ecological footmark recognizes the interplay of economic sciences and ecology by mensurating non merely the natural resources a topographic point uses of its ain. but those consumed from other states. Though it is Gretchen Daily’s sentiment that “people have trouble looking beyond their ain subject for solutions. ” she stressed the importance of traversing both social and economic boundaries in researching the issue of human population growing. Daily believes that non merely must scientists collaborate with others. but cooperation within the scientific disciplines is indispensable ; scientists worldwide must get down to portion information.

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