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            I am (your name), a student from (your school) located in (your place and country) and I am asking for your permission to allow me to enroll at your university. I am planning to pursue my career in interior designing by taking up Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design. I read from your website that you are offering a full time course in this field and I want to apply for admission.

I chose to start establishing my career in your university because I found your university capable of helping me in developing myself as a student and shaping my talents in the field that I chose. The reputation that your university has built in producing skillful and competitive graduates also encouraged me to take my opportunity to enroll.

As a student, my goal is to be competitive and achieve a successful career which can help me apply my knowledge and help improve the society through the application of my expertise.

I chose Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design because of my huge interest in designing and decoration. For years, my interest has been focused in designing and decorating. To sustain and to gain more knowledge about my interest, I always read magazines and books that are related to designing and decorating.  I learned a lot from reading and I can say that those readings helped me in gaining basic knowledge about the subject.

From reading magazines and books I learned some basics designs used in different countries. Reading broadened my idea about my interest and it built a greater passion inside me to pursue the subject as my career. I also took up decoration class and humbly speaking, I attained high grades on my exams. I think that it was because of my passion on the subject and my willingness to learn as well.

My willingness to pursue my career in designing and decorating also aided me in doing my best in my decoration class. I believe that having a good background about the course will help me in coping with the new ideas that I will learn that’s why as early as now; I am enriching my knowledge by taking advantage of everything that can help me gain knowledge  like reading, surfing the internet and even watching shows.

I like everything about interior designing and I think that the university will be a good place to start my career.  I believe that the university has the capacity to develop and hone my academic abilities and skills through the help of the university’s friendly and outstanding faculty, integrated courses and effective education system.

I chose to take up the course because I found it very exciting because of its innovative and up to date topics and modules. From the course’s description, I found that innovative design is in trend nowadays due to its recognition of various factors like media and culture. I believe that designing should not be confined in a traditional manner but it should also cope with the rapid changes happening around the globe. From what I have read, culture, tradition and people’s ideas play a big part in interior design. Since culture, tradition and people’s ideas undergo change from time to time, so is the field of designing.

Another thing that also encouraged me to enroll is the course’s new areas for study like spatial design, photographic practices, materials and textiles, historical styles and movements, home staging and fashioning interior spaces. I found these topics very interesting because the topics integrate a lot of fields. The broadness of the topics gives me more opportunity to broaden my knowledge about the course and help me to be a well rounded and professional designer.

What excites me more about the course is the way on how subjects are to be handled. According to the university’s database, subjects are to be handled through theoretical and practical units. Honestly, I am in favor with this type of education system because I believe that teaching theories only constitutes half of what the students can learn. Practical units are also needed to support the theories and provide the students with hands on learning for them to apply what they have learned. These also help them in exercising and developing their knowledge on the subject.

I also learned from the university’s website that students will be given opportunity to study trendsetting and forecasting. I think this will be very essential for my career because from what I have said, changes occur from time to time and these include the behavior of the market and economy. I believe that as interior designers, we should also be aware of these changes so that we can come up with a guide that can help us in marketing our services for various businesses like hotels, restaurants, real estates and others. Also, this is one way to broaden my knowledge and be a more competitive designer.

The university’s facilities and kits for learning also motivated me to enroll in the course. I believe that the learning environment and academic facilities also affect the level of learning of students. If the environment is more conducive for learning and if it has the complete facilities needed, then teaching will never be difficult.

In my own point of view, facilities such as camcorders, scanners and digital kits are very important because it aids the students in their projects and it also assists in effective teaching because based from the things that I have read, interior designing includes a lot of visual models that are essential for the students to fully appreciate and learn the course.

While browsing through the university’s database, I also found out that the library has a vast amount books and other references which I think will aid me and other students in studying and researching.

 The opportunity to go to other places in UK and in other countries also encouraged me to enroll in the university. Aside from the fact that field trips help in establishing learning, for me, going to other places to study design is both exciting and challenging at the same time. Exciting because it is a great opportunity to travel and study the different ideas of people in designing and decorating. On the other hand, it is challenging because in order for us to learn, we have to appreciate every little detail on the things that we see because every detail matters in designing. I believe that through academic fieldtrips, we can actually see the real thing and incorporate the theories that we have learned directly. Lastly, field trips can help me decide on what field to focus on in the future.

What triggers me more to study in your university is the opportunity for me to acquire various professions after graduation. I learned from the university’s database that graduates of the course can take up professions like interior designer, concept designer, stylist, forecaster, colorist, style consultant, magazine/editorial features editor, or in visual merchandising. The opportunity to take various roles in the interior design industry gives me an option to acquire more knowledge and experience in my profession. I think that working in a real world is the best way to learn. On the other hand, taking up different professions is like taking up different interior design subjects in which I also have the opportunity to assess my performance.

The chance to meet, interact and learn from my fellow students also made me come up with the decision of enrolling in this course. Since the university is an international school, I will have the opportunity to deal with other students who have different culture and ideas. I believe that by interacting with those students, I will be able to learn new things and further develop my personality and abilities at the same time. I believe that sharing my ideas and experiences with other people is one way to learn the course. It is both exciting and challenging because it helps a lot in developing a well rounded personality.

Lastly, I also discovered that the school is offering open days to help students in choosing the appropriate course for them. Even though I have already decided to take up BA Interior Design, I would still be happy to attend the open days to learn more about the course that I want to pursue. At the same time, I would also want to check the university’s other services like accommodation and funding.

I believe that my goals of pursuing my studies in interior design will benefit me and the society in the future. I hope that the university will give me the opportunity to be one of its students and let me experience the university’s friendly and interactive environment. More importantly, I am hoping that the university will help me prepare myself for a successful and challenging career in future.

Thank you so much for reading my letter and I am looking forward to your approval. If you need any other information about my application, please do not hesitate to inform me. I will be glad to provide all the necessary information prior to my application.

Again, thank you very much for your time and effort in reading this letter and I am hoping for your quick response soon.



(Printed name and signature on top)

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