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Internet Search Engines How Search Engines Work Search engines are plans that crawl the web to roll up lists of web sites so that this information can be used by people to happen web pages that they are looking for.There are three major constituents to seek engines. These are the spider, the index, and hunt engine package. The spider constituent to a hunt engine is the portion the crawls through web pages reads them and so follows the links. The index component of the hunt engine is where every thing that the spider finds is stored. The 3rd component to a hunt engine is the package. This is the plan that is used by people to seek the index. When a individual enters in a hunt, the package sorts through the index to happen web pages that match the description given by the individual. The package so ranks the web pages by what it believes are the most of import sites. This information is so presented to the user. How Search Engines Rank Web Sites The primary ways for hunt engines to rank web pages are the frequence and location of cardinal words within a web site. Not all hunt engines use the same techniques to rank web pages but these are the two most common. Another manner for web pages to be ranked are by meta tickets. This is merely done by a few hunt engines, chiefly Infoseek and HotBot. Each hunt engine uses the common techniques mentioned above but each one has its ain unique was of ranking web pages. This is why it is so difficult for web page interior decorators to systematically hold their pages ranked extremely on most of the hunt engines at a clip. Meta Tags Meta tickets are html coding within the Fieldss of a web page and can non be seen when a web site is viewed. One usage for Meta ticket is to supply a description of the site to seek engines. These descriptions can include keyword or phrases that the Godhead feels represent the sites content. Meta tags nevertheless are non used entirely for hunt engine ranking. Another common usage for these tickets are to supply instructions to net browsers to execute assorted undertakings. Search Engine Test The web sites that I tried to fin were the Victoria Salsa and the Vancouver Sun. I tried to happen these web sites with Infoseek, AltaVista, and Webcrawler. For the Vancouver Sun I tried the phrases British Columbia newspapers and Newspapers in Vancouver for all three hunt engines and both phrases I did non come up with any rankings. For the Victoria Salsa I used the phrases hockey squads in Victoria and Vancouver Island hockey squads and once more I did non come up with any consequences. I am non certain why these searched did non ensue in any rankings. Even when I searched for The Vancouver Sun utilizing the phrase The Vancouver Sun with Webcrawler the web page did non have a favourable ranking, it was approxim

ately 7th on the list. One ground why these sites did non have a favourable ranking is that their names have words in them that can be perchance associated with many other pages. Wordss such as Sun and salsa appeared in many other pages that were found. The rubrics of the web pages could hold something to make with it. The rubric in The Vancouver Sun web site was The Vancouver Sun Top Ten Stories. The pages besides did non include any Meta tickets, this could be another ground. As good, the pages should be tailored so that they incorporate different things that the different hunt engines are looking for. For illustration, the web pages could utilize alt tickets under images to be index by AltaVista, Infoseek, and Lycos or remarks so that HotBot could index them.

Submit-it Submit-it is an online service that will subject you web page to seek engines and directories for a fee. It is an easy service to utilize and there are merely a few stairss to follow in order to subject you entries. Basically after you sign up for this service you enter in information about you site such as the rubric, description of the site, and contact information so direct it off. A twosome of characteristics of the Submit-it service are that it will look into you pages utilizing a Web Page Analyzer to look into the meta tickets and give intimations on how to better them, every bit good as spelling mistakes and dead links. This service besides lets you custom-make some of the directories and hunt engines that the entry will be sent to. After you entry is sent, listings will be verified for the major directories and hunt engines. These consequences are made available to be viewed online. The starting monetary value for the Submit-it services is $ 59 for 2 URLs. is a hunt engine and directory entry service. Information is entered about your site, so Tooter the entry automaton will subject your entries to the finish of your pick. One of the chief characteristics of this site is that you can make an history so that the information that you entered can be stored for re-submission. This is utile if alterations are made to the site and it needs to be updated in the indexes and directories. This is a ShareService and the suggested cost for utilizing it is $ 5- $ 10/per URL for educational pages, $ 10 for personal usage and $ 25- $ 50 for commercial usage. With the part you account will be kept for a twelvemonth ( as opposed to 3 hebdomads if you don t wage ) and you will have entree to other characteristics. Some of these include tracking your hunt engine ranking, happen out what pages have links that point to your site and a plan to happen out if there are any HTML cryptography mistakes within you pages. The lone ruin to this site is that it is filled with a batch of useless information that you have to read in order to happen out how the service works.

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