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            Achieving education remains to be an important stepping stone towards the fulfillment of a successful career and a good life in the future. But before achieving such, one must persevere and work hard to have a shot towards such dream. In addition to such, advocating the proper foundations of success can be a vital tool toward such fulfillment. Seeing this, I wish to obtain a career with the Department of children’s and families.

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            I am Lucille Varella, 19 years of age who openly seeks an AS and BS degree in human services. Often, I picture myself indulging with different people, different cultures, and races captivates and stimulates my overall interest in the subject. I feel that such degree will not only land me a job in the future, but a career; a career which I enjoy and am passionate about. In addition, my inspiration to pursue my field has been my uncle Johnny. With Uncle Johnny’s encouragement, he gave me the opportunity to see the importance of education and that everyone can achieve their own personal goals regardless of the past.

            Speaking of such, my life was not that bad after all before I decided to study again. When I graduated from high school, I was able to obtain a magnificent job at Walgreens. However, something in me clamored for more, it sought out what I really want and contented about. Seeing this, I realized that my passion for children has been there all along. That is why, if ever I had been given the opportunity to finish my degree, I can contribute a lot in the community.

            Given the information I had presented, I wish that my intention is further established. As I take a new step in the development of my skills, I believe that your educational institution can help me achieve my overall goals and objectives. With my values and ideals in place and the relative knowledge and information that your institution can bestow on me, I feel is a necessary component towards the fulfillment of my goal 10 years from now – owning a counseling service for disturbed children.


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