Laws of Motion and Thermodynamics

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When watching tennis match or any other sport who of thought science played a big part? Science is involved in many things; we just don’t see it. It’s much entertaining to watch a match then to learn from it. The way we look at science is the use of chemicals, explosions, experiments, etc. What we don’t really see is how science is related to any sport. The use of these science laws plays a big part in the way sports are played. Newtown’s laws of motion and the laws of thermodynamics set great examples in a tennis match to help us gain more knowledge in how they’re being used on earth. Newtown’s first law of motion is when force is being applied. If an object is left by itself it won’t move or change its state of motion. Unless the object is moved, pushed or pulled, it will change its state; it needs force in order to change its state. In a tennis match, Newtown’s first law is evident when the tennis ball is being smacked with the racket.

Once the ball is hit it will go off in a certain direction because forces like air and gravity makes the ball slow down the speed pulls the ball towards the ground. Now, when we focus on the amount of force it was used when the ball is smacked with the racket, that’s where Newtown’s second law is shown. Newtown’s second law demonstrates the relation between the objects mass with the force is being applied and the acceleration. In order to find the force that was used to smack the tennis ball, the mass (needs to change in kg) is multiplied with the acceleration to equal force. Acceleration is not the same when it comes to speed, but the amount of change in velocity divided by the times its takes the change to occur. Newtown’s third law of motion is one that people are most familiar with. This law tells us that for every force there is an equal and opposite force. When the tennis ball is being served, your opponent then returns the serve, and it’s your turn to hit back at it again. Now looking at the way your foot is planted on the ground at an angle, you’re pushing off and your body goes in the opposite direction. So, the force that’s used to push into the ground is the force with which you are driven forward. This shows how symmetrically there is an equal and opposite force. If you realize, in this tennis match you’re Newtown’s third of law of motion. The first law of thermodynamics means that energy cannot be created or destroyed. For example, in tennis match when you’re starting to serve your body starts to burn off those calories you have. From the calories you burned off your creating energy.

Energy helps you to keep moving, and when you’re moving heat is being released throughout the rest of the universe because you’re starting to sweat. When heat is being released, its heat that’s useless to have in you. So, the cycle continues while you’re still making energy in order for that useless heat to be released. Overall, in a tennis match it’s not only about cheering or just watching but to observe closely and realize that science is being used too. The use of science is everywhere but the only bad thing is that we don’t realize that it’s being used. These different types of laws are always present whenever you’re doing anything. It’s part of our universe, and in that universe we all live in.

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