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Adolescence. besides known as “teenage years” is a clip of dramatic alteration. This stage of life Markss a developmental period that follows childhood and comes earlier adulthood. Adolescence is closely associated with pubescence. which is besides considered as a developmental milepost. peculiarly in the western states. Puberty refers to the period of adolescence when a individual becomes capable of reproduction ( Carpenter. S. & A ; Huffman. K. . 2008 ) . In this paper. I will discourse the assorted factors that affect the physical. cognitive. societal. moral. and personality development of striplings.

Adolescence is a clip of rapid physical growing which is illustrated by the drastic growing jet in the tallness. weight and skeletal musculuss. In this stage. rapid development of trials. scrotim and phallus develops in adolescent male childs whereas development of ovaries. womb. and vagina occurs in adolescent misss. I believe some of the factors that lead to this rapid physical development can be held responsible to both familial and environmental influences. Familial influences are besides referred to as “inherited” qualities which are passed on from the parents to the progeny. Therefore. these are besides known as “nature” influences. On the reverse. environmental influences are those experiences that one gets from their environing environment as one grows and matures. Such influences are besides referred to as “nurture” .

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Geneticss play an of import function in the physical development of an stripling. For case. if the parents of a kid are highly haired. so there is a high chance that the kid will besides go haired earlier in life. Besides. if both the parents are tall. so there is a high chance that the kid will besides go taller in their pubescence old ages. Furthermore. environment besides plays a major function in one’s physical development. Environment encompasses household milieus. media influences. civilization and so on. For case. one of the Asiatic states requires misss to have on metal sets around their cervixs from early age so that when they get into the pubescence old ages. they can develop long and slender cervixs. This is so because it is considered beautiful in their civilization for misss to hold long and slender cervixs ; it is a portion of their civilization. In add-on. environmental and cultural factors such as telecasting. cyberspace. and media amongst others can play a major function to act upon development in adolescence.

Adolescence is besides a clip of alterations happening in the development of knowledge. Piaget developed a theory of cognitive development which emphasize on the four phases that kids must travel through. The four phases of Piaget’s phases of cognitive development are as follows: sensorimotor. preoperational. concrete operational. and formal operational phase. Since the focal point of this paper is adolescence. I would discourse the formal operational phase in deepness as it is developed in ages of 11 and up. Formal Operational phase can be characterized by abstract thought. logical idea and conjectural logical thinking. In Piaget’s Formal operational phase. the kids get the ability to believe abstractly and hypothetically. In other words. kids can inquire themselves “what if” type of conjectural inquiries. which farther illustrates their ability to make and prove constructs. In add-on. Formal operational thought besides allows the stripling to build a well-reasoned statement based on conjectural constructs and logical procedures ( Carpenter & A ; Huffman. 2008 ) .

In add-on to achieving the ability to believe abstractly. kids in this stage hold really egoistic manner of thought. In other words. they can non distinguish between what they are believing and what others are believing. This egoistic idea may be characterized into two ways: personal fable and inventive audience. The factors that influence cognitive development in striplings can be held responsible to both genetic sciences and environmental influences. In footings of familial influences. if either of the two parents ( biological ) of the kid is enduring from mental wellness upset such as schizophrenic disorder. so it is really likely that the progeny will besides develop this upset. Hence. this will in bend disrupt the development of cognitive procedures such as formal operational phase in the kid.

Furthermore. environment can besides play a critical function in the cognitive development of an stripling. For case. if a kid has grown up in a happy and a healthy environment where parents pattern an important parenting manner so the kid is more likely to make the formal operational phase earlier and successfully in the adolescence old ages. Besides. such an important manner of rearing facilitates good determination devising in kids. In other words. when given a pick between healthy and unhealthy behaviours such as holding unprotected sex. driving experimenting with drugs and intoxicant ; these kids are less likely to take such determinations and act on it. This is because they have attained the formal operational phase and hence. gained the ability to believe abstractly. hypothetically and logically about their determinations.

Social development is studied by reflecting on the significance of fond regard in 1s life. Adolescent’s tend to develop strong fond regards with people who are non their primary health professionals. peculiarly equals. instructors. societal nines. athleticss nines and so on. Adolescence is a clip when persons tend to pass more clip with equals than the primary health professionals. Not merely that. adolescence is besides a clip when kids group together to organize coteries. adumbrate relationships and experiment with gender. The factor that affects societal development is attachment. Huge sum of research has been done on the relationship between the type of attachment manner formed in the younger old ages and the relationships formed subsequently in the stripling and grownup life.

Research workers found that an norm. adolescents’ perceptual experiences of the quality of the parent-child relationship declined systematically and reasonably between age 11 and age 14. Furthermore. struggles with parents increased and this was peculiarly true for misss than male childs ( McGue et. Al. 2005 ) .

Morality can be explained as the ability to distinguish between right and incorrect. Moral development besides begins to develop in the adolescent old ages. Kohlberg. one of the most influential research workers in psychological science has developed a theoretical account of moral development. His phases of development include Pre-conventional degree. Conventional degree and Post- conventional degree. Since the focal point of our paper is on adolescence. I will look into conventional degree in item as it is developed in this age. Conventional flat consist of phase 3 ( good kid orientation ) and 4 ( law-and-order orientation ) .

In Stage 3. the primary moral concern is with being nice and deriving blessing. In phase 4. the single takes into history a larger perspective-societal Torahs. Phase 4 persons understand that if everyone violated Torahs. even with good purposes. there would be chaos. Therefore. making one’s responsibility and esteeming jurisprudence and order are extremely valued ( Carpenter. S. & A ; Huffman. K. . 2008 ) .

Personality development is studied chiefly with Erikson’s Psychosocial Theory of development. Erikson’s theory consists of eight phases of psychosocial development ; these theories are in the undermentioned order: Phase 1 – Trust vs. MistrustStage 2 – Autonomy vs. Shame and DoubtStage 3 – Initiative vs. GuiltStage 4 – Industry vs. InferiorityStage 5 – Identity vs. Confusion ( Adolescence: ages 12-20 ) Phase 6 – Intimacy vs. IsolationStage 7 – Generativity vs. StagnationStage 8 – Integrity vs. DespairThe phase 5 of Erikson’s theory reflects the adolescence period. Erikson claims that during this period. the single inquiries and hunts for their ain individuality and their function in society. Furthermore. he mentioned that those persons who do non get the better of the individuality crisis do non organize a stable individuality. indulge into delinquent Acts of the Apostless and behaviours. and have trouble in organizing and keeping close relationships in life.

Klimstra et. Al ( 2009 ) examined adolescent personality ripening on the Big Five personality trait theoretical account and found that amenity and Emotional Stability increased during adolescence. In add-on. assorted grounds was found for the addition in traits such as Extraversion and Openness. Furthermore. it was found that in footings of gender differences in the timing of adolescent personality ripening. misss tend to maturate earlier than male childs.

Adolescence is a phase of development which occurs before maturity and after childhood. In this phase of development. a drastic growing jets in tallness. weight. and skeletal musculuss. This paper chiefly focused on the assorted facets of the human development in adolescence. The assorted factors impacting physical. cognitive. societal. moral. and personality development of striplings were besides discussed in this paper.


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