“Lines Written in Early Spring” Analysis Essay

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Lines Written in Early Spring by William Wordsworth is a comparing of the province of nature to the province of world. This fits into the Romantic period because of how many of Wordsworth’s verse forms represented the rebellion against modern-day English poesy. which he believed should hold been based on true emotion. instead than intellect and manner.

There is grounds that Wordsworth is composing about nature and the hapless province world when he writes: “In that sweet temper when pleasant ideas bring sad ideas to the mind” ( Stanza 1. Line 3-4 ) . Besides. he suggests that world and nature should non be every bit different as they are in footings of felicity. when he writes: “To her just plants did nature associate the human psyche that through me ran ; And much it greaves my bosom to believe what adult male has made of man” ( Stanza 2. Line 7-8 ) .

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Wordsworth makes usage of many literary devices in Lines Written in Early Spring. Personification is the most common of literary devices used. Examples of this are shown when he writes: “And ’tis my religion that every flower Enjoys the air it breathes” ( Stanza 3. Line 11-12 ) . He is giving a flower the human feature of basking the air it “breathes” . Another illustration of personification in this verse form is when Wordsworth writes: “The budding branchlets spread out their fan. To catch the breezy air” ( Stanza 5. Line 17-18 ) . In this poetry he is giving budding twigs the human feature of distributing out to catch breezy air.

Wordsworth besides describes nature as a being instead than a thing when he writes: “If this belief from heaven be sent. If such be Nature’s holy plan” ( Stanza 6. Line 21-22 ) . In this poetry he describes nature as holding the ability to program. This verse form besides reflects on Wordsworth grasp and love for nature. as he sees it as a force instead than merely a thing. This verse form is a good representation of its clip period because it gives insight into how many people ignored nature. and moreover. gives insight into the problems and life styles of people during the Romantic Era.

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