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Lord Of The Flies-Symbolism Essay, Research Paper

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Symbolism is defined as the representation ; intervention or reading of things as symbolic. In society and in peculiar, literature, symbolism is a outstanding constituent that helps to exemplify a deeper significance so perceived by the reader. Symbolism can be anything, a individual, topographic point or thing, used to portray something beyond itself. It is used to stand for or bode the decision of the narrative. In William Golding s, Lord of the Flies symbolism of the chief characters Ralph, Jack and Simon plays a really of import function in assisting to demo how our society maps and the different types of personalities that exist. An scrutiny of Simon as a symbol of good, Ralph as a symbol of the common adult male, and Jack as a symbol of immorality, clearly illustrates that William Golding uses characters as a symbol of what is truly go oning in the outside universe throughout the novel.

First away, the common adult male is person who has a balance between good and evil, a good perceptual experience of world and strong ethical motives. In Lord of the Flies, Ralph is the character who is perceived as this type of single. The first illustration of this is Ralph s visual aspect. Ralph supports and continues to have on his school jumper while other male childs run about naked. This illustrates his desire to maintain the island slightly civilized. Second, he does everything in his power to maintain the male childs working together and acquiring along with each other. Last, Ralph attempts to maintain the male childs under a type of domesticated. He tries to make this by doing such Torahs as the freedom of address. This jurisprudence gave any member of the group a right to show his sentiment. Unfortunately, Ralph s efforts failed and the male childs became barbarians.

Second, the evil side of a individual is an ineluctable thing. It can be supressed bu

T besides can take over a individual. Although everyone has an evil side, some have a harder clip commanding it so others. The character of Jack was the representation of immorality in the novel. First, Jack s visual aspect is stereotyped of a obsessed or evil individual. He is tall and slender, with ruddy hair and athleticss a of the slaughtered hog suggests is evil nature. This is a unusual and barbarian thing to make in a civil society. Last, the fact that Jack black clock. Second, when he baptizes himself with the blood showed no compunction about the decease of Simon clearly illustrates that he is the representations of immorality in the novel.

Finally, the good or moral individual should be person who stands up for what is right regardless of what others think, is willing to give for the greater good and is a really rational individual. In the novel, Simon is the character who is shown as the good that exists in our society. First, Simon openly admits that he does non believe in the animal. Regardless of what the other boys think of him, he stands his land. Second, Simon sacrifices his free clip to assist Ralph construct shelter for all the male childs. Although this involves much labour and difficult work, he is willing to make anything he can to assist out. Last, Simon is one of the lone male childs who does non leap to decisions when rumours and narratives of the animal Begin to surface.

In decision, these points clearly William Golding uses characters as symbols of what is truly go oning in the outside universe. The symbolism in this fresh gives it a deeper significance when you truly think about it. In a manner this book reflects what happens in our mundane society and jobs we face mundane. Most of us fall into the class of the common individual. Our lives are changeless battles between the good and evil. We must larn to happen harmoniousness and a balance.

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