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Lyme Disease Essay, Research Paper

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The subject that I have chosen was Lyme disease. I ground I chose this subject was because it is a really serious job. This disease though non normally fatal can do serious unwellness. Lyme Disease an infection caused by a spirochaete ( coiling shaped bacteria ) that is transmitted to worlds by the bite of an Ixodus tick that? s been infected. Since Lyme Disease is mistaken a batch of times for other diseases, it is called? The Great Imitator? .

Lyme Disease is found on every continent except Antarctica. it is most normally found along the east seashore of the United States. It was foremost found in Old Lyme, Connecticut. There besides is a batch of happenings in the Midwest and westcoast. New research has identified Lyme Disease in the South besides. The image shown in this study is of the Ixodus Scapularis, the black legged Deer tick. The Deer tick normally sits at the border of a blade of grass or a subdivision as person or some mammal coppices past it. It is a parasite. It needs to suck the blood of a mammal to last. To handle Lyme Disease, endovenous antibiotics are needed. Physicians do non yet hold on the optimum therapy. Some doctors try pulse therapy ( hebdomadal injections with no intervention in between ) , long term ( 6 months to a twelvemonth ) and combinations ( 2 or more antibiotics at the same time ) .

The lone known manner to acquire Lyme Disease is the bite of an septic tick. The infection can go through organize a pregnant female parent to her kid. It was questioned whether it was possible to distribute through sex, mosquitoes, fleas or by go throughing organic structure fluids, but this is non possible. The longer the tick is attached to us, the greater the opportunity of it go throughing the disease on to us. Burning or pouring intoxicant over a tick could do the tick to regurgitate and shoot some of its intestine contents into our tegument. I have had a twosome of ticks on me before. I noticed it when I was in the shower and runn

ing my fingers through my hair. It was curled up into my hair. I was more careful about sauntering through wooded countries.

Some people bitten by Lyme Disease develop a roseola called Erythema Migrans ( EM ) which develop around the tick bite. It starts to spread out over clip to several inches around the tick bite. It could look on several parts of the organic structure as the bite expands. Many people experience fever, icinesss, weariness, concerns, stiffneck, hurting musculuss, backache, nausea+vomiting, sore pharynx or conceited secretory organs. Subsequently symptoms are jobs in the brain+nervous system, heart+circulation, digestion, generative systems+skin. The symptoms of Lyme Disease could happen much later after the bite. There could be errors on the diagnosing of Lyme Disease. PCR and the Lyme urine antigen trial ( LUAT ) can assist separate between instances of active Lyme Disease and immune-mediated symptoms. Some doctors discovered that Multiple Sclerosis and other so called? autoimmune? diseases really have Lyme Disease can can be treated with antibiotics. Besides there are other diseases from ticks that are confused with Lyme Disease.

Lyme Disease is now the most common tick transmitted infection with 16,461 reported in 1996. Over 109,000 instances have been reported since its been found, but there are many more instances that oasis? T been reported. of all time since I found a tick on me, I have been more cautious. I thought there were merely ticks in jungle type countries but now I realize that they could be anyplace. I normally wear more apparels and non to go forth countries of the tegument exposed that are prone to click bites


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