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Marijuana 2 Essay, Research Paper

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MarijuanaMarijuana is the name given to any drug made from the hemp works, Cannabis sativa. Different signifiers of this drug are known by different names all around the universe. Some of these names are kif in Morocco, Leonotis leonurus in South Africa, and marijuana in India. In the last decennary marihuana has gotten many street names like grass, pot, tea, joint, weed, and Mary Jane. Marijuana has been smoked, eaten in bars, and rummy in drinks. Most frequently marihuana is made as a baccy like mixture that is smoked in a pipe or rolled into a cigarette.Marijuana puts major physiological effects on the cardiovascular and cardinal nervous systems. Most of the effects make the individual experience composure and besides make the individual hallucinate. However the effects of the marijuana depend on the strength of it, the sum used, and the experience of the user Small sums cause the individual to feel relaxation and drowsiness. Bigger doses do general centripetal deformations, changed clip sense, loss of short-run memory, loss of balance, and trouble in finishing the thought procedures. Very high doses make the individual have loss of memory, serious edginess and terror, hallucinations, psychotic beliefs, and paranoia. The bosom rate besides increases and blood vass in the oculus expand which makes the eyes really ruddy. A tight feeling in the thorax and a loss of muscular coordination may besides go on. The drug can besides hold long term effects such as sperm prod

uction and birthrate. Marijuana fume besides has long- term lifelessly effects on the lungs.

As far back as 3000 B.C. , marihuana was used in China and Central Asia of a common people medical specialty. The usage of marihuana as an stimulation in the United States became a job in the 1930+s. Laws were passed in 1937, and condemnable punishments were put in consequence for transporting and merchandising of the drug. In 1968 the carrying and sale of THC ( THC ) , the chemical used to do marihuana, was made illegal to utilize in research. A study in the 1970+s showed that at least 43 million Americans had tried the drug. However in the 1980+s studies of high school and college pupils showed that marihuana usage was traveling down.The growth of marihuana in the United States is increasing, and by 1990 made up 25 per centum of our country+s market. Even new turning techniques have made the sum of THC in the marihuana larger.In the medicine field, marihuana and THC are sometimes used to handle certain upsets like Glaucoma because they help to cut down force per unit area within the oculus. In 1985 the Food and Drug Administration besides approved the usage of manmade THC for handling the sickness and emesis from malignant neoplastic disease chemotherapy. Marijuana is a really deathly drug and should ne’er be used unless the individual has been granted federal permission. The effects of marihuana on the organic structure when taken in may experience good at the clip ; nevertheless, the effects will be nil but harmful.

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