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Market Research Essay, Research Paper

Before I started to fabricate my merchandises I had to happen out if there was a market for it. This is called market research. Like any other concern I had to make up one’s mind what market research methods are most likely to give me the information I need.

To roll up information about my undertaking? Scarecrow? I had to transport out some field research. Field research involves the aggregation of primary data-information which no-one has yet collected. It is collected specially for the peculiar piece of research.. Primary information is collected through direct probe, normally in one of three ways:

? Observation,

? Experiment,

? Survey,


Looking at and entering what people do and how they behave can be of import. For case what methods people usage and to what extremes people go to hold there life pest free. By detecting people in there place environment it would be possible to see whether, for case, the job was that people were marking the animate being but non giving it an country to get away through, normally the animate being is merely every bit afraid as the individual.


Market research workers can besides utilize experimental techniques. To establish a new merchandise is frequently really dearly-won. Alternatively merchandises could be tested on groups of consumers to see whether they are acceptable and cubic decimeter

ikely to sell good.

Our chief method of informations aggregation was through the usage of questionnaires. I selected 10 people from our local country to which we posted our questionnaires. These were so returned and the replies which were to subsequently go our database.

We besides sent letters off to assorted companies who had already launched a similar merchandise to that of our ain, in the hope of deriving about clients, rivals and market tendencies.

The distribution of our questionnaires proved really successful. I received back my 10 questionnaires which had been read and filled in. I now a broad scope of replies which would turn out really utile subsequently in design my undertaking.

My letters nevertheless did non turn out to be every bit successful. We received really small answers and of the answers we received, really small information could be taken from them as they were all images and booklets.


A study normally involves inquiring inquiries of respondents- people or administrations who reply to the inquiries asked. There are different ways of carry oning studies. A postal study, where questionnaires are sent through the station, or a newspaper study where readers are invited to make full in and return a questionnaire in a newspaper.

Surveies can merely be utile for market research purposes if the inquiries asked are appropriate and you get a purposesful answer.

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