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Mcdonalds In Moskow Essay, Research Paper

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Question # 1:

Describe at least 5 ( five ) American Marketing Techniques, utilized by Russians that you believe enhanced the productiveness of the endeavor.

1. McDonalds in Russia was a joint Canadian-Russian venture, in which the appointed president was a Russian individual. It was done foremost of all because Russian business communities know all the specific facets of making concern in Russia, and second of all in order to demo the populace that Russians play a major function in this venture.

2. Moscow was chosen for its favourable location and for being the capital-cultural centre of Russia, where people are more informed and educated.

3. The gap of the first McDonalds in Russia was greatly advertised and promoted, non merely by local media, but besides by the biggest national and universe media. Many universe newsmans were invited to the grand-opening of McDonalds so that they could demo this event in a favourable manner to the company.

4. At the expansive gap orphans and kids were served foremost and free.

5. Many high positioned functionaries from metropolis and national authorities, and other famous persons took portion in the gap.

6. Despite its foreign belonging McDonalds accepted merely national Russian currency, Rubles.

Question # 2:

Identify and depict at least 5 ( five ) obstructions or jobs on a corporate degree, and how they were solved and overcome.

1. Production jobs. There was no maker or manufacturer in Russia who could bring forth merchandises needed for the concern. One of the solutions was to convey all the merchandises from different states, but that would be excessively expensive, so the direction decided to construct a immense nutrient processing works size of 3 football Fieldss in order to bring forth all needed merchandises under one roof, alternatively of transporting it from someplace else.

2. Lack of Trust. At that clip ( we are speaking about the terminal of Cold War ) there was a great deficiency of trust between Russian and Canadian spouses. That job had to be overcome by set uping a good and friendly personal relationship between top executives of both sides.

3. Technology job. Despite its position as a Super- Power, Russia was far behind United States and Canada in technological development. All the equipment for the eating house had to be brought from exterior of the state, even the equipment for the nutrient processing works.

4. Political job. Not every Russian political leader would understand the gap of a representative of non long ago hated? capitalist economy system? in the bosom of Russia. The direction had work closely on the McDonalds? s image in Russia. They had to present their eating house non as a? Capitalism? interloper, but as a concern that will function people? s demands when they are in haste.

5. No local directors. There were no local people who could measure up for the director? s place, so McDonalds had to engage a few Russian work forces and direct them to Canada, where they would larn all necessary accomplishments.

6. Hiring employees. When McDonalds foremost announced its programs to engage new employees, they started having 1000s of applications every twenty-four hours. They had to happen, select and interview tonss of people, in order to engage best possible campaigners.

7. Harsh Russian Winter. As we all know, winter in Russia can be really cold, so McDonalds Corp. had to set up supply of ingredients for their merchandises from the

companies, which do non depend on conditions conditions. Some of the supplies were produced by local farms, and some had to be imported.j

8. Communicational jobs. Despite its size, Moskow did non hold any phone books, or concern directories, this made it really hard for company to happen or turn up anything or anybody in capital of Russia. It was besides really hard to set up good communicating between McDonalds in Moskow and its executives in Canada.

9. Ingredients jobs. Some of the ingredients that McDonalds uses ( such as murphies ) could non be produced by local husbandmans. Russian murphies were to large in size, and could non be used to do a French french friess. McDonalds had to transport potato seeds from Europe to reproduce them in Russia

Question # 3

Do you believe that McDonalds will win in a long term in Moskow?

Answer: It has been ten old ages since McDonalds opened its eating house in Moskow, and so far it has proved its ability to make a profitable concern in Russia. However, I do non believe that McDonalds will win in Moscow in old ages to come. In order to turn out my point of position, I will supply my 5 ground.

1. After August 98 economical crisis in Russia, the population was divided into two groups. One group: approximately 15 % of population who have tremendous sum of money, and another group: people who have about no money at all. As we know monetary values in McDonalds compared to Russian criterions are reasonably expensive, so the bulk of people can non afford McDonalds, and those who have money, will non eat at McDonalds because they see it as? debris nutrient? and cheap.

2. When McDonalds foremost opened, it had no competition in this industry, nevertheless nowadays it has to vie with many comparatively little Russian-oriented fast nutrient eating houses and coffeehouse. These concerns offer Russian nutrient, nutrient that the bulk of population is used to and admires. This nutrient is cheaper, healthier and much more tastier than nutrient at McDonalds.

3. Political jobs. As we all know, after Kosovo crisis, the United States and Russia have entered a phase of? cold? dealingss. Mass media has launched a immense propaganda run aimed against all American oriented or manufactured merchandises and services. They would wish the population to see the United States and its Alliess as enemies of Russia. Therefore at this clip the figure of people who on a regular basis ate at McDonalds decreased drastically.

4. After the crisis, the cost of making concern in Russia was raised by the province and local authoritiess. It was done in order to advance Russian owned and operated concerns, so that the net income will remain in the state. Foreign and joint ventures such as McDonalds was given unfavourable revenue enhancement brackets.

5. Patriotism is one of the greatest factors which plays a major function in Russian political life. Every twenty-four hours many political leaders are seeking to play with immature people? s feelings of nationalism. They are inquiring the population non to purchase or utilize American merchandises, unluckily McDonalds falls into this class.

Based on the factors mentioned above, I strongly believe that until economical and political crisis in Russia is non over, McDonalds will be fring is market portion in Russian fast nutrient industry. Unfortunately I can non foretell any hereafter alterations in the state of affairs in Russia. Stable Russian economic system peers stable concern for McDonalds. Equally long as the state of affairs remains unchanged, McDonalds has no clear hereafter.


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