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Mice And Men: Candys Dog Essay, Research Paper

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Mice and Men

There is an copiousness of characters in the narrative Of Mice and Men, and some characters may look insignificant. One character that is really of import, even though one may non believe so, is Candy? s Dog. His function, although short and simple, is powerful, and this is evident throughout the full book. He is a metaphor for a figure of events and jobs in the book.

The storyteller of the book negotiations about the relationship between Lennie and George as a long, and sometimes hard, one. As one reads through the book, one can state that they were merely two alone cats with merely each other and a hope. In the beginning of the book, the Boss, Candy, and Slim all seem to look with involvement and wonder at George and Lennie? s friendly relationship. Soon one sees George inquiring Candy about his Canis familiaris. George seems to happen it odd that the old adult male would desire to set up with a thing that was so dependent on Candy, and truly non much usage. This is the sort of involvement and wonder that everyone seemed to hold approximately George and Lennie. This is the beginning of one? s realisation that Candy? s Canis familiaris is a true character.

Another subject that is recogni

zed by most is the sexism present toward Curly? s married woman. One of the argued points of this is that Curly? s married woman? s name is nonexistent and that the name? Curly? s Wife? is a mark that she is non wanted nor respected. She? s considered a nuisance. This is true for Candy? s Dog ; he has no name and is disliked by many of the sand traps. This is the manner they treated Curly? s married woman with the metaphor that she is, ? treated like a dog. ? Besides, everyone merely didn? Ts like Candy? s Canis familiaris because they said he smelled, but they ne’er got to cognize the Canis familiaris nor grow to love him. This is what Curly? s married woman went through.

The most noticeable connexion between Candy? s Canis familiaris and an event in the book would be the violent deaths of the Lenny and Candy? s Canis familiaris. Both were mercy violent deaths, that are considered? for the better. ? Besides, both characters were condemned to decease by their closest friend.

Possibly one can see this sentiment and pay close attending to it. One can besides see that there is a really little prefiguration of what? s to come, particularly with the clemency violent death of Candy? s Canis familiaris. Besides, if one notices all the things get downing to go on after the decease of Candy? s Canis familiaris, it is as if the writer is truly stating one, ? This is merely the beginning. ?

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