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Dear Indraneelroy Choudhary: I’m writing this letter with full hope of being an EP of your TN called Choithram International World School. There are several reasons why I decided to apply for this TN, here is my statement. Since I was in college, I just want to be able to go out of China, to see the local situation and customs of different country in the world. It has always been a strong motivation for me to extend my life by leaving more things to this world.

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In my opinion, no better place than India can be my choice. As India and China has a long culture and history, I’m very interested in. So I really want to go to your country, please give me a chance. Another very reason is that for many years I have been concerned about the youth’s growth and right. I think the child is the angel in this world; I am willing to pay my enthusiasm and efforts for them. Your TN aims to develop the cultural, social and general aspect of the students of school.

The interns will be providing students with information about various social issues, environmental issues, child rights and social entrepreneurship, and provide knowledge on how to go about the same. And this idea coincides with mine. I think it will be a great decision if you choice me. There are many advantages. I have been working in The Student Union of Swufe for one year. During my experience, I worked with my teammates in harmony and achieve great success. We have successfully organized many campus activities.

In the process, I showed my team cooperation ability, organizational and planning skills. Last year I have worked as a volunteer to concern and love the traffic police around my college. We were standing guard as a traffic police for one day. In the volunteer activities we called on more people to learn to respect and care for the traffic police. In the volunteer activities I understand what is equality and respect, and it let I had a further understanding of human rights. I think I am a responsible and trustworthy girl.

If I promised others one thing, I will do it in my best. My friends will come to me if there are difficulties, because they know I will always find the best solution. No matter what student organization I work in, I will always be the most worthy people of trust. I honestly believe that I am highly motivated for the challenge to be your EP. Please give me a platform to show my ability and I’m sure I won’t let you down. Thank you. I’m looking forward to your reply! Yours sincerely Eve Liu

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