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Nicole Kidman was born in the United States (state of Hawaii, the city of Honolulu), in the family of a biochemist and nurse. Nicole has a younger sister Anthony.

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Due to the work of his father, after the birth of Nicole, the Kidman family first moved to Washington. And then he moved to Australia when Nicole was only 4 years old. There, the girl acquired a love of primitive nature and an Australian accent.
Her family was one of the wealthiest in Australia. A spoiled child from the age of three began to take ballet lessons, with eight – pantomimes and facial expressions, at 10 the girl was accepted to the school of dramatic art (to the Sydney Theater Academy).
At age 13, Nicole Kidman was a shy, angular teenager with an extremely low self-esteem: her height was 170 centimeters and she monstrously complex about this. Red hair was also, in her opinion, a minus. She was embarrassed to even go out, not to participate in theatrical life.
At 14, she made her film debut.
When Nicole was 17 years old, her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Nicole does not leave time for her work and takes massage courses to look after her mother.
After a while, Nicole decided to see the world, but she still remained an awkward and notorious girl. Nicole decided to go to Europe. Almost nothing is known about her trip. Only that she settled in Holland, lived in Amsterdam for a long time, after which she returned to Australia as a completely confident woman with a mannequin figure and a lush fiery mane. Nicole began to competently build her acting career.
At 18, she becomes a star in Australia, starring in the miniseries Vietnam, which brought her several television awards. Her fame was strengthened thanks to the series “Five Mile Stream” and “Bangkok Hilton”.
In 1989, Philip Noyce shot her in the film “Dead Calm”, which became for Kidman a high point.

After Nicole Kidman was successful in Australia, she went to conquer Hollywood. Kidman showed a truly iron character. The producers are not accustomed to this pressure – Nicole did the tests on her own: one of her friends shot her on an amateur camera. Then the video tapes were sent to the producers, directors and screenwriters of the project. Then Nicole herself called and impudently asked: “Well, how did you like it?” Few people know that the scriptwriter of the film “Ghost” Bruce Joel was literally struck by the beauty of Nicole and really wanted the Australian actress to participate in the project, but they did not heed his opinion and took on the lead role of Demi Moore. Joel, however, still made Kidman in the movie, in the film “My Life”, which made his directorial debut.
After the actress played in Ges Van Sant’s film “To Die for …”, she received recognition in the professional environment. In the film, she played a housewife who is ready to do anything for the sake of moving upstairs – even to kill. Criticism was perplexed – either Kidman is a genius actress, or she fully corresponds to the role played. CNN film reviewers presented the rising star with the wording: “The best actress game that you won’t think she can play anything at all.”
The ensuing role in Jane Kempion’s brilliant, unappreciated painting “Portrait of a Lady” based on the eponymous novel by Henry James strengthened her reputation as a “serious” actress.
Nicole Kidman, by the way, was always very serious about working on the role. In preparation for the shooting of the film “Die for …” she watched TV for two weeks in a row. “This is a real brainwashing,” the actress said later, “with time you become a slave, a drug addict and you don’t perceive anything except a damned box.”
With her future husband, Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman met on the set of the film “Days of Thunder.” The producers were looking for an actress who will look good in the frame and, at the same time, will not overshadow Cruz. Nicole tried not to overshadow Tom on the screen, but in life tidy him up.
With her characteristic transcendent frankness, she later shared with reporters: “Before Tom, I had three men, but I could not even imagine any of them as my husband. It was naked sex. As for Tom, he has tremendous magnetism. He is simultaneously both romantic and creator. “

Both Tom and Nicole were so happy, striking the public with affectionate, full of love reviews about each other, that it seemed as if it could not last long – after all, passionate love, as you know, can be very short-lived.
And how many scandals and conjectures were connected with the life of the star couple – not to count. Still, the rich, beautiful, and even love each other. YES CANNOT BE THAT! – screams the humiliated philistine, suddenly wounded by his own inferiority, – CAN’T BE THAT !!! The rumors that Tom Cruise was homosexual and his agency paid Nicole Kidman a large sum of money to cover up his wrong reputation were especially persistent. Of course, such an actress could not leave unattended – the trial ended with a public apology of the publication and payment of a certain amount of money.
Rumors haunted the couple throughout their ten years of life. This is the joint jealousy of the spouses, reaching insanity, and Cruz’s sterility and other annoying and unforgivable stupidities of American and Australian tabloids …
The couple were so used to receiving money through the court that they began to conclude an interesting document with all their employees. According to him, each of the actors working for this couple concludes an “unofficial agreement” – a kind of vow of silence. The rate for disclosing confidential information regarding the privacy of the Kidman-Cruz couple is as follows: an interview with a newspaper or magazine – $ 20 for each copy (multiply by, as a rule, thousands of copies …). The book of memoirs will cost the author from the number of former servants $ 250 for each copy; the minimum amount should still be at least 1 million, if it is the United States, and from 250,000 to 500,000 dollars – for a book issued in the territory of another country. Production of scenes of personal life of Tom and Nicole on stage will cost 20,000, and 2-5 million for television shows on the same topic. And so on.
To consolidate their marriage, the couple started two adoptive children – Connor and Isabelle, which only reinforced rumors that the couple could not have children. Again the court. And several more publications paid a heavy fine for misinformation.
Participation in the erotic thriller Eyes Wide Shut lifted Cruz and Nicole to the top of popular love. Srzau after the release of controversial films on the screens, this was confirmed by readers of the British magazine Heat, who participated in a survey on “The sexiest couple in show business.” So, Tom and Nicole beat all the other competitors (49 pairs) and proudly became the Most-Samy. “The sexiest, most charming and most in love with each other.” Following the star spouses, by the way, followed by Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. Now they are the first, because …
At the very beginning of 2001, the marriage of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman broke up, giving rise to a lot of rumors and speculations about why this happened. Their adoptive children have remained with their father, on the initiative of which everything happened. According to him, “Nicole is well aware of the reason for their divorce.” The public is on the Kidman side, as it seems to be the affected side. Moreover, Nicole lost her child Tom Cruise, which was confirmed by a genetic examination conducted on her initiative. And Tom is going to sue his millions from his ex-wife – the trial between the lawyers of the parties continues.

Interesting facts from the life of Nicole Kidman:
Idols Nicole Kidman in the movie – James Dean and Marlon Brando.
Kidman was injured many times on the set, because she spared herself at work. The project of David Fincher almost died, due to the fact that Nicole broke a rib and injured her knee on the set of the Moulin Rouge, she was urgently replaced by Jodie Foster.
Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise starred together in the movie “Far Country”, which was not successful with the public. The producers concluded that the audience was jealous of Tom Cruise to Nicole. Since then, they have never worked together, until the Stanley Kubrick movie, Eyes Wide Shut.
After the divorce, Nicole was credited with novels with many Hollywood stars – George Clooney, Russell Crowe and even her obscure boyfriend from Australia.
According to rumors, Nicole also began a stormy romance with her partner in the movie “Moulin Rouge” Ewan McGregor. How the case was actually unknown, but eyewitnesses claim that at the premiere they smoked one cigarette for two.
Nicole Kidman was so tired of rumors about her novels that she sued the presidential candidate, who sent her love poems by mail and invited to eat ice cream together. Now he will soon want to treat someone with ice cream. And the court forbade him to approach Nicole.
Analysts believe that both marriage and divorce benefited Nicole Kidman’s career.

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