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Norms Essay, Research Paper


Norms have a big impact on what makes a quality group. Without them, the group would fundamentally travel to pieces. When a group gets together for the first clip there truly aren? t any norms relevant. After one or two group meetings norms will get down to come up, whether they be explicit or inexplicit. In this paper, I will turn out that norms are a necessity, and frequently times can? t be restrained, in any group treatment.

A norm is described as a criterion that regulates the behaviour of all members of a group through feedback directed at members whose behaviours are contrary to that criterion. This procedure goes on sometimes knowingly and some times unwittingly throughout a treatment. It is possible, but seems highly difficult, to hold a treatment where no explicit or formal norms apply. When something like this happens and merely inexplicit norms come out there is frequently confusion. For illustration, if there is a group of five people with no explicit norms, there tends to be more nonreversible conversations, where some people merely acquire to state two words while others are merely spill the beansing off.

When explicit norms come into the equation the group and the treatment tend to run a batch drum sander. These norms help supply a better environment for the group by puting criterions and/or regulations for the group to stay by. Now alternatively of holding merely one or two people in the group speaking at that place will be given to be more of equality between the group. The ground being there is a now a set manner of continuing through the treatment. As clip goes on the group may happen that the explicit regulations stick while the inexplicit regulations seem to be more flexible.

Often times members of a group will

attempt to acquire other members to conform or travel along with what others are stating. This is non ever done purposefully, but when it happens a few things may hold caused it. There may non hold been much clip left for the treatment ; hence, people in the group want to prove the groups inexplicit norms and seek to rock their sentiment. Furthermore, sometimes people merely want to acquire their manner and will non halt until they do. Often this type of ordeal ends up in what is called a groupthink. In this procedure, hapless determinations are made and some group members don? t agree but tend to travel along with the others. Many times a state of affairs like this, one that doesn? t let critical thought, can be absolved by doing rigorous, expressed norms in the beginning. There still may be force per unit area to conform, but it lessens the possibility.

There are besides times where persons put their ain ideas aside to acquire to group ends. This is non proper in the treatment procedure. When this happens people? s personal sentiments are non heard and the concluding group determination may be one with some falseness to it. With a proper set of norms, everyone should ever be heard whether they, themselves think that it will or will non protract or stop the treatment? that? s for the group to make up one’s mind.

Many people do non recognize that group norms relate to persons yet are applied to everyone in the group. One member does non come in and have something like a list of norms for the group to stay by. The people in the group make these norms together and merely those people as a group should truly hold the authorization to flex or interrupt them.

The necessity of norms is a important portion of group work and treatments ; without them, nil would truly acquire acomplished.

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